How to open Amazon stores in Canada: shipping and launching products


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How does cross-border e-commerce logistics open Amazon stores in Canada: shipping and launching products

AsiaMason North America Joint AccountThe seller can manage through an interfaceU.S.ACanadaandMexicoOf inventory, in aSeller CentralPay a professional sales fee in the account and remit the payment to the seller's local bank account (Amazon will convert the currency).

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,This is in contrast to Amazon Europe and Japan. The seller needs to establish a separate seller center account for those countries. The seller can use the sameAmazon seller accountSell.

Due to Canada's relatively undeveloped market and booming e-commerce industry, the expansion to the Canadian market may beAmazonThe seller brings objective profits.

ISend a small shipment to Canada

When the seller first uses the FBA in the US station, he may send one or two boxes of goods to test the FBA instead of a 20 foot full container.Canada StationAlso, if you send one or two boxes through UPS or FedEx, the seller can experience it personally. This process is almost the same as sending to Amazon.

The seller needs to send the goods through UPS or FedEx, or other services that can charge any customs duties and taxes (also known as DDP). According to Ecomcrew, do not send it through USPS. If the seller does so, Amazon will be required to pay taxes when the product arrives, and they will reject the seller's goods.  

In the United States, orders less than $800 do not need to pay customs duties; In Canada, the minimum value is only $40.

IIProducts on the shelves in Canada

The seller can find the ASIN of the US station in the "Add a Product" tool in the seller center, and all listing data will be transferred.

Comments on the US station will be transferred to the Canada station until the seller gets the first comment on the Canada station.

The seller also needs to set up some other things for the Canada station, such as delivery, but the whole process only takes a few minutes.

How to open Amazon stores in Canada for cross-border shipping: shipping and launching products

3、 Monitor exchange rate monthly

When the seller sets the price for the product in Canada, it may simply convert US dollars into Canadian dollars. The seller needs to monitor the changing exchange rate quarterly or monthly to change the price accordingly.

4、 Establish a Canadian Business Number

1. If the seller sends anything that needs customs clearance by the customs declaration company, that is, LTL goods are sent, the seller must need a Business Number. Sellers can use Business Number to collect or exempt GST/HST, and import goods to Canada. It is similar to the EIN in the United States.

2. It is easy to register a Business Number in Canada. The seller only needs to complete one form RC1. The seller can fax or mail (can't fill in online), or directly call 1-800-959-5525, and the person in charge will ask all questions on the phone, so that the seller can set up quickly.

3. After filling in, the seller will obtainBusiness Number。 When the seller registers this Business Number, he can also get the GST/HST and Importer number on the RC1 form he filled in.

4. Or, the seller's customs broker can register a Business Number (less than 500 dollars) for the seller for free or symbolically.

5. According to Ecomcrew, this form can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes. If you need to fill in the social insurance number, just leave it blank. When entering the estimated taxable sales in Canada, fill in the sales below USD 100,000, otherwiseAmazonThe Seller will be required to prepay half of the estimated GST.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,The CRA will determine in the second year whether the seller needs to prepay a certain percentage of GST/HST.

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