Top 1 Amazon! High sales season welcomes the outbreak


Author:Wang Dongjie
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When Amazon sellers haven't recovered from the dismal performance of Black Five, Black Five has delivered satisfactory answers, which is closely related to their investment in independent stations and marketing.


Songue SharesThe "Black Five Nets One" achieved outstanding results!


Recently, Yuege SharesThe sales of "Black Five Networks and One" were reviewed. It is understood that the sales of songs in this year's "Black Five" were very excellent,YoY sales growth of online omni channelMore than 80%。 andLifting tables on Amazon platformIn the 100 ranking, the independent brand of "FLEXISPOT" of Songue ranked first


The number of visits to songs from all channels is also growing. It is reported thatBlack five nets one”During this period, the total platform user visits increased by 62% year on year, and the conversion rate increased by 23% year on year. In addition, the purchase unit price of ARPU for all platform users increased by 8.45% year on year,Not only are the platform visits increasing, but also the increase of customer price also makes the songs"Black Five" sales achieved good results.

Cross border information crowded into Amazon TOP 1! High sales season welcomes the outbreak


This year, the sales volume of Black Five Online in the United States isUS $8.9 billion, a slight decrease compared with the sales of US $9 billion last year. Although the market environment is not satisfactoryThe music and songs have still made remarkable achievements.


Although Yuege suffered a certain loss due to its initial operation in the first quarter of this year, since the second quarter, its business has turned from loss to profit. According to public information, the company's revenue in the first half of this year exceeded1.397 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 120.68%; The operating income in the third quarter reached 703 million yuan, up 19.97% year on year. In the first three quarters, the operating income of Songo exceeded 2.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 72.27%.


This yearIn the case of "Black Five" sellers calling "Cool" directly, how did the song go against the wind to achieve a continuous increase in platform visits, customer unit prices and year-on-year sales data?


The sales of independent stations account for the fifth in the black58.3%!


In addition to the multi platform layout in Amazon, Wal Mart and other platforms, independent stations are an important part of the song revenue, and this year's Black Five performance is even more impressive.


During the "Black Five" period of this year, the total sales growth of the global independent stations of Songo exceeded160%, and the sales amount of independent stations accounted for 58.3% of the total. The awareness of the independent brand flexispot has been greatly improved, and the number of single people under five blackouts in independent stations has reached thousands.Year on year growth of user visits62%, of which the flow of independent stations increased by 200% year on year, the conversion rate of the whole platform increased by 23% year on year, and the conversion rate of independent stations increased by 34% year on year.


Compared with other channels, standing alone has made an important contribution to this answer sheet. It is not surprising that the independent station of Songs has achieved such outstanding results. The independent station has always been an important strategic layout of Songs, and the proportion of revenue has also continued to increase.


In the third quarter report released by Yuege this year, the company's independent station business sales increased by as much as366.42%。And inIn the 2020 financial report, the sales volume of the independent stations of the company increased by 580.64% year on year.

Cross border sailing into Amazon TOP 1! High sales season welcomes the outbreak


The relationship between such a brilliant achievement and independent standing is naturally inseparable. In the operation of independent stations, building a brand image is the most critical part.


To this end, Songge has continuously strengthened its application, innovation, research and development and lean manufacturing capabilities for new categories. Based on in-depth insight into market users, it has continued to iterate over products to achieveTOB and TOC develop in harmony and parallel. At the same time, Yuege has also continued to expand its overseas warehouse business, improved its bargaining power in the entire value chain, better empowered the brand to go abroad, and also produced a positive effect on cost optimization of Yuege.


In addition to the investment of songs in the independent station, this performance also benefited from the overall environment of the independent station. During the first period of Black Five NetworksShopify supports independent brand stores with global sales of 6.3 billion dollars. Shopify's president also said that“Consumer support for independent brands has reached an unprecedented level”。


As the head enterprise of cross-border e-commerce, the marketing model behind Songo has also attracted the attention of many sellers. In addition to the main driving role of independent stations,this yearIn October, the song was successfully "out of the circle" by virtue of the video of "classmate He".


Multi channel layout and soaring personal value


stayIn the video "I Made a Product Abandoned by Apple" released by the UP master "He", he showed his own product Air Desk. Because the desktop is made of glass, you can clearly see the appearance of each panel and component inside the desktop. The pictures such as the teacup can move automatically when placed on it, and the mobile phone can be recharged when placed on it are full of modern intelligent office style.


The video became popular on the Internet and was called by many netizens"The most expensive video in the world", with more than ten million microblogs,The broadcast volume of Station B has reached 17.8 million. On the second day, the share price of the sponsor Songge soared 13.51%, and its market value reached 4.576 billion, an increase of nearly 550 million.Probably a lot of people didn't think"One table" and a young UP owner had such a large market value space.

Cross border information crowded into Amazon TOP 1! High sales season welcomes the outbreak


AndThe business cooperation of "He Xuexue" not only increases the value of Songo, but also makes its smart brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is just one of the outstanding cases in the marketing model of Songo.


Songge has also made full use of product features and current mainstream marketing trends to set up its own marketing center, and established a proprietary account matrix with the help of various new media channels. At the same time, the song also cooperates with the current Internet celebrities, using various forms such as star anchor with goods and brand self broadcast live broadcast, which makes it possibleAll directional drainage.


Since last year, Yuege has been trying to compete with Luo Yonghao and other Internet giants5. During the "6.18" period of this year, the president of Songo is the airborne live broadcast room, and has achieved good sales performance by using the most popular live broadcast with goods.


At the race track where social e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, Songs also takes the advantage of the situation, and the multi platform layout in the social field has become a key link behind the success of Songs.



Songs inSince the GEM was launched in 2017, its main products have been ergonomic workstation series, including linear drive intelligent office lifting tables, lifting learning tables, intelligent computer racks, exercise bikes and other intelligent products. Its sales models cover diversified sales models at home and abroad, online and offline, and overseas warehouse operation services, accounting for about 7%, 34%, 53% and 6% respectively.


In addition, Songs also attaches importance to developing the domestic market. According to the small editor, Songs used to focus on foreign trade, but now they pay more attention to the domestic marketSince the beginning of "618", Songs has made a lot of layout and pilot projects in developing the domestic market. During the Double 11 Festival, the trading volume of Songue on domestic e-commerce platforms also kept increasing. The growth rate of the Double 11 market was+8% year-on-year for Tmall and+20% year-on-year for JD.


Not only that, Yuege has also developed offline experience stores by focusing on core users through precision marketing. However, Yuege said that the domestic market is under greater competitive pressure, and user channels need to be considered to gradually enhance consumers' evaluation and trust in the brand.


It is precisely because of this multi-channel layout and marketing model that Songs can grow against the trend during the Black Five Year Plan this year. This is also an excellent representative case of Chinese brands going abroad, which further drives Made in China to go abroad.

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