The office supplies industry in the United States has been on fire for three consecutive years and may face challenges in 2022


Author:Liu Mengyuan
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Data display,In 2021, it will still beA year of strong growth in the office supplies industry in the United States,NPD estimationOffice Industry in the United States2021ofSales willthan8% higher in 2020 (excluding cleaning and lounge supplies).


butaccording toNPD Group stated that in 2022Sales in the office supplies industrytakemeetingThere has been a slight decline, a decrease1%, but still higher than 2019epidemic situationFront level.

The B2B office supplies industry in the United States has been on fire for three consecutive years and may face challenges in 2022

NPD latestreportThe Future of Office Supplies predicts that,First half of 2022It will be a highly challenging stage for the office supplies industryBecause the Easter holiday starts in the first quarter(Q1) Transfer toYesQ2(Q2),PlusThe small-scale homecoming season that occurred in the first half of 2021 has returnedTraditionaltimeFrom this, it can be concluded that,Q1 2022Office suppliesIncome will decrease5%.


Meanwhile,Due to2022Easter HolidayTransferred to the second quarterSales of some creative, gift, and handcrafted categoriesAlsoTransfer toQ2, butDespite the influx of holiday spending in the second quarter, due to the lack of small-scale homecomingShopping seasonExpectedQ2Sales will remain flat.


In addition,Due to the back to school season being in the third quarter and the holiday season being in the fourth quarter,The industry revenue is expected to show slight growth in the second half of 2022.


Data display,In 2021, sales for the third quarter (July 4, 2021- October 2, 2021) increased by 13% compared to 2020, while sales for the fourth quarter to date increased by 9% (October 3, 2021- November 20, 2021).


And the reason for the increase in sales,BecausestayThe Challenge of Supply ChainlowerPurchasing new products or upgrading to new models, as well as increasing consumer spending on higher priced categories and larger packaged office supplies, has led toYescommodityAverage selling priceofRise.


"We expect that 2022 will be related to work, study, and entertainmentofThe sales of the product will continue to create records,"Leen Nsouli, Executive Director and Office Supplies Industry Analyst at NPD,"Consumers are adapting to the constantly changing norm in the office and learning goods industryexceptNeed to satisfy consumersCurrently required,We also need to planThe next development direction ^ ^.

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