The big toy market in Europe! Expensive toys are more popular


Source: ennews

Relevant data shows that the situation of the toy consumer market in Britain this year is different from that in previous years. Last year, the toy consumer market surged compared with that before the epidemicSince November, UK toy sales have dropped 4.7% year on year.


Although the sales decreased in the same periodCompared with 2019, the sales volume increased by 3.9% year on year, so the toy consumption level in Britain this year basically returned to the normal growth level before the epidemic.


Last year, the outbreak of the epidemic directly affected people's shopping methods. More consumers changed their way of buying toys from offline to online.


Especially during Christmas, British consumers have a clear goal to buy toys online, going straight to specific toys with higher prices, soIn the fourth quarter of 2020, online toy sales accounted for 58%, compared with 2019Online salesrise10%。


Although this year's individual toy categories and sales data have decreased compared with last yearCompared with 2019, the sales of building blocks, board games, puzzles and other toys increased by 25%, 15% and 24% respectively. In particular, the trend of high priced toys has grown significantly.


Britain this yearThe sales data of the "Black Five" show that toy sales increased by 4% year on year. Among the top 10 best-selling toys, the unit price of 6 toys exceeded 50 pounds, equivalent to about 420 yuan.


Moreover, the toy sales trend in the UK this year shows that the demand of adults for building blocks and collectible toys has also increased, including the impact of the epidemic. In addition, adults have a certain income, so adults have become an important consumer group in the UK toy market. It is understood that the annual toy spending of adult British consumers is even close toOne billion pounds!


It can also be seen from the situation of domestic people buying toys such as jigsaw puzzles and jigsaw models that adults are increasingly interested in jigsaw puzzles and board games.


Moreover, the outbreak of the epidemic and the reduction of offline social activities such as movies and concerts have enabled people to spend more time alone or with their families, and people are more willing to increase close interaction with their families at this time.


Although the supply of toys in Europe is very tight this year due to the epidemic and supply chain problems, it still does not affect people's interest in buying toys. It is understood that many British consumers are still expecting toy prices to be reduced by the end of the year.

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