There is a risk of cutting, 174300 Christmas emails have been recalled!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

As Christmas approaches, consumers will also increase their search for related Christmas products, such asLetters to Santa Mailbox.


Search on Google Trends for information related to the United StatesThe search volume for 'Letters to Santa Mailbox' has been on the rise since early October this year, indicating its high popularity.

 Cross border e-commerce platforms pose a risk of injury, with 174300 Christmas emails being recalled!

However, the quality of Christmas mailboxes produced by different manufacturers varies. At a time when Christmas holiday promotions are in full swing,There is a Christmas email that has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States(CPSC) Emergency recall due to the risk of cuts.


Editor fromThe official website of CPSC learned that the recalled Christmas mailbox is about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 10 inches high, with two colors: red and white. The front of the mailbox is printed with the words "Letters to Santa", presented in white or black.

 Cross border e-commerce logistics poses a risk of injury, with 174300 Christmas emails being recalled!

This email was sent this yearSold on Target from October to November for $5 each.In just two months,Target sold 174300 units.It can be seen that this is a reliable and popular product.


However,CPSC found that the slot on this Christmas mailbox is very sharp and poses a risk of cutting. At present, Target has received 9 sharp complaints about mail slots and 7 reports of cuts, of which 3 require medical attention. For this reason, CPSC stated the need for an urgent recall, involving product numbers 234-17-8556 and 234-20-9275. It is reported that this product is produced by a domestic manufacturer.


Currently,Target has taken the product off the shelves. The editor flipped through Target's other Christmas email product pages and a user commented that the reason for purchasing a Christmas email is to let children have a traditional Christmas. Having such an email can make the process of filling out a wish list for children feel ceremonial.


On the Amazon platform where most sellers reside, searchThere are over a thousand pop-up results for 'Santa Mailbox'. It can be seen that many sellers are also laying out such products. At present, some products have been exposed to have a risk of cutting, and sellers should pay close attention to this issue. In addition, after reviewing some comments, I found that consumers also complained about the unclear printing of the words on their mailboxes.


It's currently a busy time for Christmas sales, so it's best to keep your spirits up as this is the last one of the yearThe big day has come.

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