EBay has announced that it will automatically protect "seller performance"


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local timeOn the evening of the 10th, eight states in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States were hit by multiple tornadoes, causing severe damage to many buildings and causing most casualties. Kentucky was the most severely affected state, and it is reported that more than 100 people are still missing.


The tornado in the United States has also caused serious damage to local logistics delivery, which will cause package damage or logistics delays. In response to this situation,EBay announced on December 11, 2021 that it will extend seller protection to sellers affected by tornadoes in the Southeast and Midwest.


E-commerce platform eBay announced that it will automatically protect "seller performance"


EBay stated that it is currently closely monitoring the situation and providing additional support and protection to sellers during this challenging period.


If the seller is located in an area affected by a tornado and cannot deliver inventory,EBay recommends sellers to communicate with buyers in a timely manner and inform them of the situation; Or if the seller anticipates a delay in logistics, please extend the processing time for item publication.


In addition,If the seller's business is affected,EBay will also automatically protect seller performance, which includes:

Seller's delayed delivery rate

Effective tracking upload rate of sellers

As long as the seller uploads tracking information before unpacking and conducts material resources scanning from the carrier, there will be delays in delivery resulting inThe situation of 'not receiving items'

Defects caused by transactions cancelled by the seller


EBay also stated that it will remove any related negative and neutral feedback, which will not affect the seller's service metric rating.


The tornado in the United States has also caused serious damage to the power systems of several local states. According to CCTV News, more than300000 households lost power as a result. US President Biden has stated that this could be one of the largest tornadoes in US history.


Severe meteorological disasters are an irresistible factor. Previously, the United States had experienced various natural disasters such as wildfires and tropical storms, causing great damage to the lives of local residents. Warehouses and logistics transportation systems were also forced to be damaged. Sellers should patiently communicate with buyers in a timely manner and pay attention to platform announcements to minimize losses.

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