What is Amazon's inventory detention and why


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What is the inventory detention of Amazon at sea and what are the reasons for the inventory detention

For Amazon sellers, Amazon inventory management is a technical activity, and mistakes may occur if they are not careful. For example, when a seller sets a product date in the background, they accidentally write the expiration time in the background as the product's shelf lifeAmazon inventory retentionQuestion.

The seller made all the preparations in the early stage and prepared a large amount of inventory in the peak season, but was told that Amazon was stranded in inventory and could not sell normally. For Amazon sellers, it was like a bolt from the blue and they were at a loss.

What is Amazon inventory hold up

There is no current inventory stored in Amazon FBA warehouse all the time, which is called Amazon stranded inventory.

The seller has sent the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse. The goods are inactive and cannot be sold due to various reasons. For example, if there is no effective quotation for the product, the user cannot purchase this inventory, which causes inventory detention.

What are the reasons for Amazon's inventory retention

1、Price error

The seller's price is set incorrectly. If the set price is too high or too low, Amazon may block your listing. When the seller manages the inventory, it is OK to set the lowest and highest prices to avoid inventory detention.

After setting the price range, for example, if the seller makes an error in adjusting the price, and the price exceeds the maximum sales price, the product will not be sold. Therefore, the seller must avoid such things.

2. Listing is frozen

When the seller uploads the listing, the lack of information in the listing may cause the listing to be frozen. For example, the product highlights are not written, or the listing has no main image. These are the reasons why the listing is frozen, which will cause a large number of Amazon's inventory to be stranded;

Other products have problems, such as poor quality and high return rate, which is also the reason why listing is frozen;

If the listing of Amazon is frozen, the seller must solve the listing problem before it can be re launched, and Amazon can only sell normally if the inventory is stranded.

3. Listing related issues

When other brand trademarks appear in Amazon listing, or the seller changes the description or key points of listing for more exposure, Amazon listing will be deleted;

Or the listing is deleted by competitors in the same industry. If the product has been sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse, it will lead to the problem of Amazon inventory retention;

If the seller's listing has not been created yet, but the product has been sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse, it will also cause Amazon inventory detention, and also pay a high storage fee, which is a big loss for the seller.

4. Product expired

If the seller's products are cosmetics or food, the products have a shelf life, and if they are marked as expired by AmazonProducts,It will cause Amazon's inventory to be stranded. At this time, it is necessary to remove the inventory first.

If the seller sets the date of expired products in the background, the inventory will be stranded. If the seller needs to change it in time, and then make a complaint, Amazon will cancel the identification of expired products, and the products will show that they are not expired.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that if they encounter the problem of Amazon's inventory retention, don't panic. Find the reason for the problem in time. Find a solution to the problem in time, and the product can be quickly and normally sold.

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