Olist, a Brazilian e-commerce solution company, won an E-round financing of 186 million dollars!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

A day ago,Brazil E-Commerce SolutionsOlistObtainedUS $186 million round E financingThis round of financing was led by Wellington Management, Softbank, Goldman SachsValor Capital and other institutions follow the investment.


This is another financing after half a yearIn April,OlistHas already obtained80 million USD round D financing. Now?OlistThe valuation of has reachedUS $1.5 billion.


It is understood that,Olist, founded in 2015, is aA sales solution company that connects sellers with major e-commerce platforms and relies on technology and market intelligence to build online brand image for sellers and increase revenue.


At the initial stage of establishment,Olist provides full stack operation support for merchants by managing product catalog, inventory, pricing, fulfillment, customer service and payment in one place.


Olist said that the company doubled its size in 2021 and completed four acquisitions last year, including Clickspace, a social business startup, PAX, VNDA and Tiny ERP, a small business tool.


At present, the company starts from a single core connecting merchants and the market, and gradually develops into a complete3D integrated product ecosystem.


In terms of business,Olist owns Olist Store, which is a leading solution sold in the market. In addition, the company also has Olist Shops, a mobile priority e-commerce solution that is locally connected to social media and currently exists in 180 countries/regions.


In terms of logistics,Olist Pax is Brazil's leading cloud based logistics and fulfillment network provider; In terms of payment, Olist has Olist Credit and Olist Pay.


At present,Olist has more than 45000 customers (sellers and e-commerce platforms) and plans to break through 100000 by the end of 2022. The expansion of Latin America will be the key to this process.


Latin America has been a region where e-commerce adoption has been increasing. The regionThe e-commerce market of US $85 billion is growing rapidly and is expected to reach US $116.2 billion by 2023.


As more and more people turn to online shopping, this startup will undoubtedly benefit from the worldwide e-commerce boom.Olist said its revenue in the first quarter of 2021 tripled from the previous year, reaching a record number. According to Bloomberg, the company's revenue doubled in 2020.

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