The TikTok advertising coupon program has expanded to help sellers get more traffic!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Previously,TikTokandForeign trade e-commerce independent station building platformBigCommerceAnd launched a new advertising coupon program. byBigCommerceThe merchants participating in the program will provide advertising points.recentlyBigCommerceAnnounced the expansion of the advertising coupon program in France, the Netherlands, Italy and New Zealand.


Want to participate in this advertising coupon program,BigCommerceQualified merchants on the platform need to spend300 dollars, you can get 1000 dollars of advertising points.


This advertising coupon program has been launched in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and has achieved good response, which has improved the sales of shops that buy advertising coupons.


Using this advertising couponBigCommerceMerchants can useTikTokAdvertising manager to recommend videos of merchants; Be able to establish real contact with consumers; Businesses can maximize the return on advertising expenditure through intelligent advertising; Through Tiktok shopping, businesses can create a shopping tag on their own account and directly link to the online store checkout page to facilitate consumers' search and purchase.


With the help ofTikTokofShopping mode,BigCommerceofBusinessmen can use their brand personality to establish contact with customers, attract new shoppers, and increase traffic for sellers' stores.


Vice President and General Manager of BigCommerce Asia PacificSpeaking of, it turns out thatTikTok has increasingly become an important channel for e-commerce and an innovative way for consumers to discover brands.along withBigCommerceWe have made significant progress in international expansion and are still committed to helping businesses of all sizes sell their own products and attract more new audiences for them.


at presentTikTok has more than 1 billion users, and there are also unlimited business opportunities hidden in the huge traffic.BigCommerceAndTikTok cooperation can help businesses promote their products to more than 1 billion people. Make it easier for sellers to advertise on the platform.


TikTok Shopping at presentonlyIn selected countriesorregionconductlaunch a pilot project,BigCommerceestimatestay2022Extend the program toOther countries and markets, so that sellers in more countries can enjoyDividends from TikTok traffic

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