About 40% of Peruvian consumers will buy online this Christmas


Source: ennews

The annual Christmas Day is coming in a few days. For most western countries, it is a traditional and warm holiday. Usually, people will buy the goods and Christmas gifts they need during this holiday.


In cold weather, classic red and green decorations, warm flashing lights, elk and Santa Claus are classic Christmas elements.

Peru, located in the southern hemisphere, is planning to buy what goods for Christmas in summer?


It is understood that,Linio conducted a survey on Peruvians' Christmas spending. The survey data shows that 40% of the respondents prefer to use mobile apps for Christmas shopping, while 27% of the respondents prefer offline shopping.


It is also reported that the Peruvian government has released a Christmas fund for Peruvians,19% of respondents said they would use the funds to buy Christmas gifts.


In the list of people's planned shopping, science and technology products have become the most popular products this Christmas, among which25% of respondents said they would purchase technology products online;

Followed by fashion categories such as household goods and clothing, the proportion of buyers was 22% and 20% respectively.


People are oppressed by the epidemic and eager to live a free life. Therefore, sports products, toys and beauty products are also popular Christmas gift categories this year.

The sellers of relevant sites can always pay attention to the consumer trends of the target market and grasp the sales boom during the festival.


Of course, the epidemic will also have an important impact on traditional festivals. At present, the epidemic situation in some countries and regions has a tendency to fight back. I hope that countries can pay attention to the epidemic situation, reduce the gathering, and do a good job of protection, so that people can have a peaceful and happy Christmas.

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