255 people arrested! The fraud of proxy operation is rampant, and multiple sellers have suffered heavy losses


Author:Wan Xuxu
Source: ennews

Recently, the Shenzhen police launched a crackdown on three fake proxy operation companiesfallA total of 255 suspects have been controlled, and the topic of "proxy operation" has once again attracted the attention of practitioners in the cross-border industry.


Attracted by the "nanny style" proxy operation service, the seller was scammed thousands of yuan


An Amazon selleronceWhen searching for Amazon's store opening steps, I accidentally saw an advertisement from a so-called "professional agency" claiming to be able toProvide a "nanny style" agency operation service, where sellers only need to purchase the package and wait for the order.


After the seller left their contact information,A self proclaimed Shenzhen XX Business CompanydepartmentThe online store consultant contacted the seller and introduced them to package services at four different prices: 2998 yuan, 5998 yuan, 8998 yuan, and 19800 yuan.After selecting the most basic package, the seller only received a few video links from the online store consultant, and most of the inquiries were not answered.


The seller, who was deeply dissatisfied with the company's services, complained to the company and received a response:Upgrade the service package to receive a series of services such as real-time replies and keyword optimization.Subsequently, the seller paid 5998 yuan again to upgrade the package, but did not receive the corresponding service. At this point, the seller realized that they had been deceived and called the police.


Taking advantage of the seller's eagerness to succeed, the operating company uses a large number of successful cases and attractive services to provide so-called "professional packages" to lure sellers into constantly upgrading their packages to charge higher fees, thus achieving the purpose of fraud.


In fact, there are many similar scams in the cross-border circle, such as:In response to the needs of sellers, advertisements indicate the provision of services such as "increasing store sales". After the seller pays the fee, they can experience the one-stop "fake proxy operation service" prepared by the proxy operation company in advance. Company employees will use methods such as swiping orders and small cards to increase the sales of the seller's store, and then proceed to the next step to induce fraudulent behavior of "upgrading the service".


In recent years, the number of sellers who have been scammed by proxy operations within the cross-border circle has been increasing, and the amount of money they have been scammed varies. However, for most scammed sellers, the most frustrating thing is not the lost money, but the time and effort spent in the process, which cannot be compensated for.


255 people caught on cross-border e-commerce platforms! The fraud of proxy operation is rampant, and multiple sellers have suffered heavy losses


A seller who has had the experience of "stepping on a pitfall" summarized his experience and said, "In total, he was deceived by almost eighteen thousand people. Some proxy operating companies provided false services that were too black, but after all, he still stood at the original point. The store was about" dragged to death "in his own hands


When it comes to agency operations, many sellers have expressed that "these companies are wolves in sheep's clothing. After paying the money, they disappear, and their sales and sales are not high. It is also difficult to maintain their stores, and in the end, they will be completely wiped out." However, some sellers believe that agency operations can survive in the industry for a long time. Sellers have needs and want to take shortcuts before stepping into the trap. If everyone is willing to operate with a down-to-earth attitude, How could there be so many generation operation companies?


Although the frequent incidents of sellers being deceived by proxy operators' salaries in recent years have sounded the alarm for their peers, there are still some sellers who cannot resist the temptation to quickly make money and step into the traps set by proxy operators, resulting in heavy losses


Is a thousand sunsets always a dream? The authenticity of proxy operations


From the current situation, there are many sellers who have been scammed by proxy operators, and there are even many sellers who have been injured completely after collaborating with proxy operators!


So much so that there is a saying circulating in the cross-border circle, "Xiao Bai is cut off as leeks by training institutions, and the boss is cut off as leeks by proxy operators. All in the circle are leeks


Some Amazon operators have stated that their own company has also trusted the agency and signed a contract with the agency. They thought they would embark on a journey of explosive orders, but did not expect news of illegal merger of variant products to cool down.


The other party guarantees that they will issue dozens of orders per day in the first month, and a thousand orders per day in the second month.”The operation said.


However, the reality is completely opposite. In the first two months, this generation of operating company became a "hands-off shopkeeper", and the company's orders were also unbearable. Later on, the company suddenly produced more productsone thousandMultiple comments have been made, and the operating company has also boasted that it will definitely explode orders.


But the results were not satisfactory. The company and others came under official scrutiny, and there was news that the product was also affected by the illegal merger of variants. In desperation, the company had to clear its warehouse and sell off to recover some of its losses.


In the cross-border circle, the evaluation of proxy operations is even more mixed. Wearing a mask of hypocrisy to cheat money has become a label given by many people to agency operations. And this is mainly due to some proxy operators being chaotic, only focusing on earning service fees and neglecting their own reputation.


255 people caught in cross-border e-commerce! The fraud of proxy operation is rampant, and multiple sellers have suffered heavy losses


Setting aside the controversies among insiders, in addition to some "rat droppings" in the agency operation industry, there are also many down-to-earth and practical agency operators.


A representative operation company stated that the company represented its stores for a year and helped the enterprise earn 6 million RMB. Both parties truly achieved a win-win situation, and everyone was happy.


Seven points rely on products and three points rely on operations, which is not false at all. For sellers, in order to do well on Amazon, in addition to high-quality products, they also need a reliable professional operation team, which largely determines how far the store can go.


Under this influence, some sellers are seeking to operate on behalf of others, but for sellers, some "pitfalls" still need to be avoided.


Many sellers choose to operate on behalf of larger operating companies, but there are also a few that these companies truly have the ability to operate, "said one seller.


haveHRDuring the interview with the people who came out of the agency operating company, it was found that each of them operated more than a dozen stores and did not have the energy to manage the stores and products.


Therefore, for sellers, there are also the following key points to note when choosing a proxy operation:


oneThe professionalism of agency operations.The establishment of a proxy operation company is only for the purpose of proxy operation. Without a foundation for operation, sellers need to be careful.


twoNumber of customers served by each agent.Each operation has limited energy, and if there are many stores allocated to it, it requires careful consideration before making a decision.


threeAre you familiar with the customer's products.Different products require different promotion methods, and the operator has had successful promotion experience with such products, with high credibility.


fourBackground and attitude of operation.If the company is responsible and has strong operational strength, its credibility is relatively high.


In addition, for sellers, taking a refined operation route, strictly controlling customer size, and conducting strict screening of customers are also key considerations for proxy operating companies.

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