Nearly 40000 toys were investigated, and made in China was hit again


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

according toMadrid, the capital of SpaingovernmentbookReported on Wednesday,hisFrom the marketGet off the shelfHasMore than 40000Parts lack inspection qualification mark,existencesecurityhidden danger's toys,Most of themFrom Asia.


It is understood that,This isMadrid regionThe Consumer Inspection Bureau, in cooperation with the Customs Section of the National GuardUnannounced inspectionResults of. At this timeCodebyLUDUS II in action,working personnelIn the inspection of FuenravradaSix wholesale stores in Cobo Calleja Industrial Zone were seizedof large numberCounterfeit.


Relevant departments in MadridIt has been staying hereImplement the plan to check and crack down on counterfeit goods,Just toysmarketFor this taskIt's always challenging. Non compliant toys are extremely dangerous for children,Eliminate from the marketSelling unqualified toy productsViolationstake a heavy burden and embark on a long road.


To ensure the safety of childrenmanyConsumer PortalListsA series of prompts toEnsure that when holidays such as Christmas comeChildren don'tToys and video gamesAnd so on. Relevant agencies also require product safety identification(CE mark)Must be clearly visible,Ensure children's toy productsConform to safetystandard


Madrid authoritiesproposalconsumerAccording to ageFor childrenChoose gifts because many gifts containWidgetshisSharp edges that mayyeschildrenwork the mischiefIt also mentioned that buyers needbe carefulWhether the product isMade of fireproof materials,as well asMaterial ScienceWhether it can be or not?Clean.


At the same time, the authorities also reminded thatBuyerMust be checked carefullySuitable for toysAge range,ProductSafety warningInstructions for use and othersrelevantParameter.


If purchasedVideo gamesEtc, it is also necessary to considerWhat the game involvesContent.PEGI system (pan European information of games)meetingThrough logos and pictogramsShow itplaceapplyAge ofGroups andprobablyexistenceRisk ofconsumerstillsureView Spanish Video Games Association(AEVI) on its websitereleaseofrelevantInformation.


last,AuthoritiesproposalconsumerretainShopping hairTickets, ifTo commoditiesDissatisfied, the consumer can stay in the organization itself, the nearest city consumerassociation, the General Administration of Commerce and Consumption or through the InternetIsopathic approachTo sellers or platformsMake a claim.

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