The proliferation of fake goods in social media and e-commerce makes it imperative to crack down on fake goods on the platform


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

Recently,UK Intellectual Property Office(UKIPO) surveyed 1000 female consumersTo measureSocial media e-commerce marketCounterfeit productssituationdetermineSocial mediaplatformInfluencerWePromoting counterfeit productsInfluence displayed in the sales process


UKIPOIn the investigation, it was found that,17%interviewee70% aged 16to33 years old)In the past yearbuytooCounterfeit products,13.3%intervieweeSaid that theybuyCounterfeit products are subject toHasSocial mediaPlatform bloggerImpact of.


let me put it another way,13.3% of respondents in social media influencersdriveI bought fake products on purpose,UKIPO believes that the influencers arepromoteA noticeable force of counterfeit products is an important channel for counterfeit suppliers to enter the market.


according toUKIPOpreviousreportfashionclothingAnd accessoriesproductyesAn important market for counterfeit goods, such products are particularly attractive to young consumers,20%Respondents saidstayIn the past yearbuyPiracyClothing or accessories, while elderly consumersofScale is4%。


UKIPOThe report also mentions, in addition to fashion clothing and accessoriesOutside these two categoriesJewelleryWatches andThe beauty product market is also full of pirated products


UKIPO SurveyThe interesting discovery inhave18% of respondents believe that counterfeit productsandWill not damage the enterprise and the work,22%intervieweeThink that counterfeit products will nothisA threat to health and safety,also33%ofRespondents saidThe proliferation of fake goods is attributed to the brandProduct pricing is too high.


In fact, at presentstayGoogle,YouTubeas well asInstagram and TikTokAnd other social media websitesCounterfeit involvedofcontentThere are already many。 browseYouTube will find that,withYoung womenDominantContent creators releaseofmanyVideo,All intowardssubscriberPromotion of counterfeit clothing, accessories and beauty products


If there is a fake, there must be a crackdown,Brand andMarket platformIs uniting,Cracking down on affected people's selling fake goods.


Amazon onAlleged in November 2020Social media influencersKelly Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly Krejci colluded with sellers in Amazon's marketplatformPromote counterfeit luxuryproduct


FacebookalsotoIn April 2021, we will cooperate with Gucci toInfluencerLitigationThe influencerutilizeFacebook and InstagramPlatform counterfeitingSales of luxury brand goods,violationTrademark Lawas well asFacebook and InstagramplatformThe terms and policies of.


In general, the platform crackdown on counterfeiting is an important means to protect property rights and maintain market order. But fighting against counterfeits is also a long process. If you want to create a healthy market environmentIt requires the joint efforts of the platform, platform merchants and consumers.

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