Accelerate expansion, cross-border payment service providers seek remittance and obtain C-round financing


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently,Digital cross-border payment service provider XuhuiSUNRATEannouncecompleteC-round financing,The funds have not been disclosed yet.This round of financing is funded by Softbank Asia Venture Capital(SoftBank Ventures Asia, Banyan Pacific CapitalBPCTDF Impact Investment and other institutions follow suit.Old shareholders Red Dot China, Jifu Asia, Huachuang Capital, and Xianfeng Changqing also participated in this round of financing. This round of financing funds will mainly be used to expand talent reserves and expand global business.


Tianyancha shows that before this round of financing,Search for foreign exchangeWe have already obtained four rounds of financing, each with funding ranging from millions of RMB to tens of millions of US dollars.

 Accelerated expansion of cross-border e-commerce logistics, cross-border payment service providers seeking remittance and obtaining C-round financing

It is understood that,Xunhui was founded inIn 2016, it established branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, and London. As a leading provider of digital cross-border payment solutions in the industry, Xunhui is committed to providing secure, efficient, and low-cost cross-border payment solutions for global corporate customers such as cross-border e-commerce, general trade, and online travel.


along withThe number of cross-border Chinese enterprises going to sea is increasing,Enterprises related to cross-border payments have also emerged and developed rapidly.


This year, besides seeking foreign exchangeSUNRATE and Airwallex have also obtained financing, and there are still three transactions. In March, Air Yunhui obtained $100 million in D++round financing; In September, it received 200 million US dollars in E rounds; The latest E+round of financing occurred in November, involving $100 million in funds.


Air Yunhui is a financial technology company dedicated to building a global cross-border payment integration platform, with business scope including collection, payment, and multi currency exchange in cross-border transactions. At present, the global payment network of Air Yunhui has been coveredMore than 50 currencies from over 130 countries and regions.


Although many things have happened in the cross-border circle this year, overall, cross-border business is still steadily developing, and many enterprises have obtained financing.Online Economic and Social AffairsofMonitoring data display,From January 2021 to December 22, 2021, a total of 49 investment and financing events occurred in the field of domestic cross-border e-commerce service providers, with a total financing amount exceedingtoo6.88 billion yuan.

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