EBay Reminds Sellers of Carrier Rate Changes in 2022


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Recently,EBay released a new announcement to remind sellers that carrier rates will change in 2022.


EBay said that with the end of the holiday season, the rates and surcharges charged by carriers will soon end. USPS will restore the standard rate on December 26, 2021, while FedEx will maintain some increased surcharges until January 16, 2022.


In addition, major operators also announcedRate change in 2022. EBay will provide the seller with a summary of the increase in the rate to reduce the time and energy consumed by the seller. At the same time, eBay will continue to work closely with its carrier partners to provide sellers with the best shipping rates on eBay labels. Although carriers reported an average increase, the actual change in rates depends on weight and area. EBay encourages sellers to check carrier rates to understand the actual impact of these changes on sellers' shipments.


Later,EBay has published specific changes in the rates of major operators:


1. United States Postal Service®  

sinceFrom January 9, 2022, the following USPS transportation service rates will increase on average:

(1)Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express - up 3.1%

(2)First class package——Increase by 8.8%

(3)Priority Mail International——increase3.7%

(4)First class international service——Increase by 4.2%


2. FedEx®

Effective January 3, 2022:

(1)FedEx Ground、FedEx 2Day ® And FedEx Home Delivery ® Service rate - increase by 5.9%

(2)FedEx Ground Economy——6.9% growth

(3)The seller still needs to know in timeFedEx rate related information, freight surcharge and transportation cost changes may affect the seller's total freight.  


3. UPS ®

(1)At present,EBay shipping label rates have not increased. eBay will promptly notify the seller of changes in postage.   

(4)The seller still needs to know in timeUPS rate related information, freight surcharge and transportation cost changes may affect the seller's total freight.  


4. EBay delivery service

(1)EBay standard envelope rate is not increased

(2)EBay International Standard Delivery——2022takeBy country of destination/Regional ratesStandards are updated


EBay reminds the seller to print the seller's label on the email in time to increase the convenience of transportation. The small editor here kindly reminds that there will be a large wave of foreign carrier rates and tax rates next year. The seller needs to pay attention in advance and make timely adjustments.

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