"Self entertainment" prevails, and clothing accessories and beauty products are favored


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

according toNPD GroupRecentAn investigation found that,This holiday shopping season, the United States plansAmong consumers who buy gifts for themselves,haveHalf(51%)ofPeople willBuy clothes, then accessories35%BeautyAnd footwear productsbeoccupyHas31%。


TheThe survey also showed that as of last week,There will beNearly a quarterconsumerNot StartedholidayshoppingTo some extent, this shows that self entertainment will bring a new round of turnover growth for businesses.


In this regard,Maria Rugolo, an analyst in the clothing industry of NPD, saidselfTreat the windEspecially important in the fashion category, consumersepidemic situationperiodCancelledmanyClothing purchase planAs the epidemic situation improves, consumers begin to buy more clothes


In this case, relevant businesses will have a lot of opportunities to attract consumers who are not only buying goods for their relatives and friends, but also looking for desirable goods to entertain themselves.


As for beautyIndustry,according toNPD datadisplayDecembershareThe sales of perfume accounted forMore than 60%.estimateIncome during ChristmasWill reachAbove 25% to 100%, abovethisbeforeAny week of.


Larissa Jensen, consultant of NPD beauty industryexpress,selfentertainAnd self-careStimulating the sales of beauty productsthis yearThe holiday season is no exception.The business opportunity here is, during holidaysBeautyproductstaysaleHouroftenIt will drive the sales of other related products, not onlyonlyIt's perfume


stayhandbagIn terms of footwear, sales usually peak one week before Christmas (i.e. Super Saturday). In the past two years, in terms of year-on-year growth,The last two weeks of December are the best in the yeartime slot


according toBeth Goldstein, NPD Fashion Footwear and Accessories AnalystMeans, the same aslast yearIn contrast, consumersthis yearHoliday SeasontakeParticipate in more social activities. It is expected that2022canRestore toepidemic situationPreviousHorizontal.


In this context,Travel and othersoutdoorsActivities will promoteConsumers inFashion footwear and accessoriesaspectExpenditure, especially informal wearShoes,handbagAnd luggage compartmentofpayment

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