The sales volume is about 180 million dollars! Brazil's tablet sales rebounded


Source: ennews

According to foreign media,according toNew data from IDC due toInfluenced by the epidemic, people live inHome study and work,urgeBrazil's tablet salesSustained growth in 2021


IDC research reports that tablet sales in the second quarter of 2021by801000 setsAndCompared with the second quarter of 2020Increased68%。 Sales volume in the third quarter is about 884000platform, year-on-year growth18.2%。


According to the analysis company, distance learning and workObjectivelypromoteHastablet PCofsale, these fromIt can be seen in retail and enterprise markets as well as in the public sector


Daniel Voltarelli, ICT market analyst in Brazil at IDC, said: "The government continues to implement projects aimed at digital education, just as companies continue to modernize and use more equipment in the digital transformation.".


In BrazilApril, May, JuneThree-monthtablet PCSales ofThe enterprise has purchased194000, a year-on-year increase of 398.4%. End consumers purchased about 607000 sets from retailers, an increase of 38.6%.


BraziliansMost tablet PC types purchased in the second quarter of 2021, compareTypical choices are7-inch tabletThe average price isR 884, about RMB995.55 yuan


The total revenue of tablet computers in the second quarter reachedR 708.5 million, aboutUS $125 million, compare2020Growth over the same period75.7%


In the third quarter,BrazilRetail sales exceedingsix hundred and sixty thousandSets,Brazilian companies and government agencies acquired about218000 tablets, an increase of 230.1%.


stayQ3Sales ofMedium,The 7-inch tablet is still the favorite of Brazilians, but the average price has jumped to R $1154, about RMB1295.71 RMB;Total income is slightly higher thanR $1 billion, aboutUS $180 million, an increase of 47.9% compared with the same period in 2020


IDC's prediction of the tablet computer market in the fourth quarter of 2021 is slightly lower than that in the same period of 2020. "This is a major outlier this year because of the slowdown in corporate procurement."IDC Brazil ICT market analyst saidandIDC forecasts that final consumer sales will grow by 23% due to purchases on Black Friday and Christmas.

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