be careful! Dunhuang will comprehensively upgrade the seller service system


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Recently, Dunhuang released a new announcement that it will comprehensively upgrade the seller service system.


Dunhuang NetworkIn order to better serve the majority of sellers and improve the user experience of buyers, Dunhuang willIn January 2022, a series of new policies and rules will be introduced to comprehensively upgrade the seller's service and management system.


first,Dunhuang pointed out that,To promoteround turnAfter the transaction is completed, the buyer experience will be improved, and the seller who has the ability to fulfill the contract will be supported. The platform will launch a new order transfer service.The seller checks the official website of DunhuangAbout AddingNotice on "Order Transfer Service Management Rules"Get specific information about the policy.


secondlyDunhuang said that,In order to shorten the delivery time and improve the buyer's shopping experience,In 2022, the platform will shorten the stocking time requirements for "goods to be stocked",The seller checks the official website of DunhuangAbout shorteningNotice on Stock up Duration of "Goods to be Stock up" CommoditiesUnderstand the specific information of the policy


Once again, Dunhuang emphasizesIn order to provide differentiated punishment measures according to the severity of violations, better help sellers gradually understand the rules, learn the rules, reduce violations, and reduce the impact on the normal operation of stores due to store shielding, term freezing and other punishment measures during store operation, the platform has made major adjustments to the punishment rules.The seller checks the official website of DunhuangNotice on Updating the Rules Governing the Violation of Dunhuang Online SellersUnderstand the specific information of the policy


besidesDunhuang Online ReminderThe vast number of sellers,In 2022, the payment and renewal of DHgate platform usage fee of Dunhuang has been completedSuccessivelyStart,In order to thank the old sellers for their support for many years, the platform usage fee policy of Dunhuang will continue to provide two exclusive privileges for old buyers:


1. The starting time of platform usage fee collection isOn January 14, 2022, the royalty period will be calculated from the date of successful payment, and the validity period will be one year. During the payment period, the seller can enjoy:


Attention to cross-border e-commerce logistics! Dunhuang will comprehensively upgrade the seller service system


2. Implementation of first payment of platform usage feeOne year lump sum payment. The platform launched a "limited time free" incentive package, that is, the payment will be completed before January 31, 2022, with a free six-month service life; The payment shall be completed before February 28, 2022, with a free service life of 3 months.


It is worth noting that,The platform usage fee payment entrance will pop up the rear platform in the form ofIt will be opened on January 14, 2022,Notice on Dunhuang WebsiteSeller onThe payment shall be completed before March 31, 2022, and the overdue paymentsellerIt will be regarded as withdrawal from platform operation.

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