Lowe's total sales in fiscal year 2022 are expected to reach 96 billion!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently,American Home Decoration CompanyLowe'sAnnounced itsFY2022 outlook. The announcement content is displayed,Lowe'sThrough the overall home furnishing strategy,Will beDIY and Pro Accelerates Market Share GrowthhisThe Board of Directors increased the share repurchase authorization toUS $20 billionShare repurchase in 2022The number will reachUS $12 billion


In this announcement,Lloyd's focuses on the futurePlan reviewofFinancial outlook and capital allocation in 2022Explained the situation


aboutIn 2021Total salesLowe'sForecast will reachaboutUS $95 billion, equivalent to a 33% increase in comparable sales in two yearsGross profit margin33.10%,AndCompared with 2020, it shows an upward trend.Operating revenue as a percentage of sales (operating profit margin)Will reach12.4%


Data display,Lowe'sofTotal salesThe amount will be$94 billion to $97 billionbetween,Section53 Weeks Total SalesestimateWill increase by approx$1 billion to $1.5 billion.


Marvin R. Ellison, Chairman, President and CEO of Lowe'sSaid that theyBe confident in the long-term growth prospects of the home decoration market,At present, the company continues to investTo continue to winPro and DIY customers.


aboutnext year,The company willFurther expand the operating profit marginAnd willGenerate strong cash flow and higher ROI


It is reported that,Based on pairIts companyConfidence in sustainable growth trajectory and cash flow generation capability,Lowe'sThe Board of Directors has authorized new$13 billion common stock repurchase program.TheThe repurchase plan has no maturity date and increases the balance of the previous plan, i.eUS $7.3 billion


byDate isOn December 14, 2021,Lowe'sThe total amount of share repurchase authorization currently owned is aboutUS $20 billion


Lloyd's is a fortuneTop 50ofHome decoration company, weeklyThe number of customers served can reach20 million. According to the public information, itsUnited States and CanadaFY2020ofsales volumealreadynearUS $90 billion


But for the data released this time,Lowe'sIt was also stated that due toA variety of potential risks, uncertainties and other factors may affect the expected data published this time.

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