The monthly search volume reaches 110 million! The Russian traffic of AliExpress broke the record


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

According to the recent data of AliExpress,November 2021, Global Express RussiaAccess toNumber of usersHasRecords throughout the operation periodValue reaches35 million,Daily livingHighest userrecordachieve12.5 million people.The number of active buyers in the past 12 months has exceeded 28.7 million.


Data display,about82%User isVia mobile deviceShopping, male52%, women accounted for 48%. In terms of age, the most active group is 25 to 34 years old. Consumers spend an average of 13 minutes a day, with the highest activity on Thursday.


From the number of searches,110 million searches in NovemberAmong them, food, home furnishing, smart phones, mobile phone shells, clothing and women's bags are more popular categories.


In addition,Live shopping is also becoming popular,wholeThe live broadcast in November also set a record, with 1561 live broadcasts by local bloggers and sellers in the app.


SumitongRussia inLaunched in 2019 byAlibaba GroupVK (formerly Group), USM International and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)Joint venture,At present, it is an online platform for selling consumer goods in China and other countries in the world


this year,Global Express Russia has launched its own local application, which is completely developed by the Russian team. according toApp Annie's data,The applicationThe download growth in 2021 ranks first among all applications in Russia.


Russian e-commerce is in a vigorous stage of development, so AliExpress has a rapid growth. doubleDuring the period of 2011, the sales volume of AliExpress in Russia reached 33.3 billion rubles, and more than 25.6 million orders were placed during the sales period.Compared with last year, Russian manufacturers andSeller's shopThe product categories of4.5 times, reaching 15.2 million pieces.


With rapid growth, FastConnect Russia has also increased investment in various aspects, such asIt is planned to open an order fulfillment center in Moscow,as well asDevelop local payment and improve basic logistics informationEtc. Some time ago, the company representative also said that it might be carried out next yearIPO plan.

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