2021 Mexico e-commerce inventory: home computers become new hot commodities


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

2021 is about to pass, but many seller enterprises have begun to consider the layout of products for next year.LinioRecently releasedThe analysis and inventory of Mexican e-commerce market in 2021 will help the seller's marketing layout in the coming year.


Home and computer categories become popular commodities


Since the epidemic, telecommuting has become the norm for most migrant workers in the world, changing office life and promoting the birth of the operation model of home offices. In this case, the demand of Mexicans for home and office supplies has increased significantly, and the sales of science and technology products have also increased.Before the epidemic, the sales ratio of computer products was about19%, which will rise to 54% by 2021.


As the time of isolation at home increases, the proportion of people who buy household goods online through e-commerce platforms is also increasing.According to the statistics, the household category15% in 2020, up to 43% in 2021.


In addition, the online purchase of mobile phones has also increased to20%。 The beauty category was overshadowed by mobile phones, with a purchase rate of only 9%.


What aspects spend the most on the Internet?


The epidemic has changed the consumption trend of consumers. When Mexicans shop online, they prefer takeout, clothing, footwear and personal care.


With the development of science and technology and the isolation of epidemic situation, takeout has become the online consumption of Mexicans"New favorite", 66% of people have used takeout; Fashion goods such as clothing and footwear accounted for 57%; The proportion of beauty and personal care is 52%.


And the diversity of payment methods has also promoted the development of e-commerce in Mexico.LinioStatistics, yes43% of consumers use credit cards, while 26% use debit cards and 10% use digital wallets.


In Mexico, Amazon andMercado libre is the most popular e-commerce platform for local consumers. Among them, Amazon takes the first place with 33% market share.


according toAMI said that Mexico has achieved a historic leap forward in 2021, and the growth of e-commerce in Latin America has reached 25%; There are 512 financial operating companies, an increase of 71 or 16% over 2020. In addition, Mexico is one of the countries with relatively complete e-commerce systems in the Latin American e-commerce market. Therefore, sellers and enterprises can also look forward to the performance of Mexican e-commerce market next year.

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