Italy set off a shopping boom for alcohol and chess games


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Towards the end of the year, in order to celebrate the New Year, Italian consumers started an upsurge of buying alcohol and chess game products online.


according toThe latest investigation of idealoShows that at the end of this yearItalianyesSparkling Wine's online shopping search volume increased98%, online search for parlour games increased111%


idealoMeans, inIn 2021, onlineAlcoholicPurchase volumeIt is growing.2021Italian consumersInterest in wine and spiritsAndCompared with the same period in 2020increaseHas6.5%In addition,E-commerceVigorous developmentStimulated many new wineson-lineThe birth and growth of storesMany wineries have to switch to online business due to the decline of offline sales.


Liquor and bitter wine after dinnerSales are also climbing. according toidealoThe data of,RUMSales ofoccupyOf the entire liquor market11%, followed by whisky, Amari and wine.


idealoSaid that wine isThe real winners in the "alcohol" category. It is reported that,In the past two weeks, the online search volume of wine has surged by more than90%;LiqueurOf the search volume in this categorySecond, growth52%CognacSearch volume ofIncreased33%。


In the search crowd of alcohol products, choiceOnline purchaseVinousconsumerUsuallyBetween the ages of 25 and 34MaleSearch PrimaryyesBy mobile deviceof


In addition to alcohol products, in order to have a more interesting New Year,Trivial Pursuit UnhingedProduct searches are also surging.Trivial Pursuit UnhingedIt can be given to others as a holiday gift, OKBuy it for yourself,With friends andfamilySpend time togetherA period of happinessoftime


Data display,stayDecembershareTheCategoricalOnline search volumeIncreased111%stayAdult board gameinPopular includeFrom classic"Monopoly" and "Pictorial" to the new "paper house escape gameA series of products; In children's board games, interest in action gamesespecially"Happy Doctor's Operation" and "Phantom's Eye"'s search volume is increasing significantly


On holidays,choiceOnline shoppers who give board games to friends and relatives are usuallyFor women between the ages of 25 and 34, most of these purchases are made through mobile devices.

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