Ramp up by 638%! Folding mobile phones are booming in the Indian market


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

In recent years, the functions of smartphones have been continuously upgraded, and there have been many innovative breakthroughs in their appearance. Among them, foldable smartphones have attracted the attention of many consumers. The foldable phone sentiment, coupled with the high-tech of smartphones, has made foldable phones increasingly popular in the mobile phone market over the past two years.


In the Indian market, the sales of foldable phones are even more surprising. expectIn 2021, the sales growth of foldable phones in India reached 638%!forecastIn 2022, this promising growth will continue, with sales reaching a record 300000 units and revenue growth reaching 60%.


Techarc In a statement, the founder and chief analyst of Faisal KawoosaSpeaking of consumer purchases exceedingThe luxury of 50000 rupees in mobile phones is not only because of practicality, but also because of the capital to showcase. Moreover, foldable smartphones have achieved a balance between practicality and style in the luxury goods market. More favored by consumers.


It is worth noting that South Korean technology giant SamsungLaunched in 2021SamsungGalaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip,We have achieved success in the market.Compared to the two, the foldable shape is more popular than the flip shape.


Additionally,OPPO has also launched the Find N series foldable smartphones.Tasleem Arif, Vice President and R&D Director of Oppo India, stated,With the launch of foldable smartphones, this technology has entered an innovative era.In the early days, the focus of this type of phone was on display panels, but now the technology of various manufacturers is becoming mature. In the next stage, manufacturers should innovate the display style of foldable smartphones.

E-commerce platforms have surged by 638%! Folding mobile phones are booming in the Indian market 

It is worth noting that according toA collaborative study between CMR and Dolby found that,Audio quality is also one of the factors affecting Indian consumers' purchase of smartphones, including69% proportion.Respondents believe that sound quality is an essential feature of advanced smartphones.


As the world's second largest smartphone market, India has346 million smartphone users, with a penetration rate of 25.3%. Data shows that India may be the only country in the world where smartphone growth is expected. according toCounterpoint Research's quarterly outlook for the Indian mobile phone market,The shipment volume of smartphones in India is expected to reach a historic high of 173 million units in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 14%.


In India, the Android platform dominates, with nearly96% market share. Among them, Xiaomi and Samsung are the most favored by local consumers, with over 50% of the market share.

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