Wal Mart's Flipkart has made renewed efforts to compete with Amazon


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

According to three insiders,Flipkart is acquiringE-commerce service providerANS Commerce.


Flipkart is negotiating to acquire ANS Commerce at a price of INR25-3 billionOne of themInformedPeople said.


It is understood that,ANS CommerceIt's a startupCan help brands sell online. It provides brand store technology, marketing, management, warehousing and fulfillmentServices.


Although it is a start-up companyANS CommerceYou can't underestimate your strength.


At present,ANS CommerceandMore than 100 brands, such as Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, HULetc.Not only that, but the company just gotUS $2.2 millionofPre A round of financing.


According to the company, it will expand to150-180 brands. Leverage direct to consumerD2CThe company plans to move fromThe D2C brand receives 30% of the revenue.


Insiders said:The acquisition will beFlipkart provides a new line of business and increases its exposure to emerging and existing D2C brands


in fact,ANS Commerce is part of Flipkart Leap, a Flipkart accelerator program, which was announced by the e-commerce giant in January this year. Entropik Tech, Fashinza, Gully Network, Piggy, Tagbox Solutions, Unbox Robotics and Fasal alsocoverbe selectedreachThe planamong


IfThisTransaction passedANS Commerce will become Flipkarttwo thousand and twenty-twoThe third financial acquisition. In the past twoDuring the financial yearFlipkart acquired five companies, including Scapic, Mech Mocha and Wal Mart's B2B businessetc.


In addition to acquisitions, it also investedNinjacart, Shadowfax, Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited, Arvind Fashion and USPL.


as everyone knows,FlipkartIt is one of the few local e-commerce platforms that can compete with the giant Amazon. at presentFlipkart occupies about 15% of the retail market in India, while Amazon India occupies the second place with less than 10% of the market share.


It can be seen from the above layout that,Flipkart is gradually expanding its e-commerce ecosystemIt seems to compete with Amazon.

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