Dafengshou (Salad of assorted fresh vegetables) in peak season? Amazon's 130000 sellers sell for over $100000


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon has been investigatingWhile reviewing the 2021 peak season, some summaries were also made for the 2021 peak season.


Amazon stated that during the peak season this year, small and medium-sized enterprises have received support from consumers and the Amazon platform, which has boosted their sales growth.


AmazonOn their blog, they stated thathelpYesSmall and medium-sized enterprisesPrime Member DaySales of.Attraction throughout the holiday periodMany buyers have spent more than100 million US dollars.During the peak holiday season, duringAmazonPlatform for salesIndependent enterprises (most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises)It also set a new sales record.


Information display,haveexceedthirteenten thousandThe sales of third-party sellers exceeded100 thousandbeautifulelement.Third party sellers in the United StatesAverage sales per minute between Black Friday and ChristmasofproductShudaeleven thousand and five hundredPieces.

 Dafengshou (Salad of assorted fresh vegetables) in b2b peak season? Amazon's 130000 sellers sell for over $100000

This year's peak season,Amazon third-party sellers'mainThe categories to be sold include office products, cameras, and wine related products,Most popular among buyersHandmade categories include jewelry, beverages, and seasonal decorationsGrade, etc.


Amazon stated in its published content that their collaboration with third-party sellers has brought a win-win situation for small businesses and buyers.


Compared to the eye-catching data released by Amazon, many small and medium-sized sellers in China are actually feeling helpless about this year's peak season. The issues of account suspension and association have finally been resolved, and we finally hope for Black Friday, Cyber Day, and Christmas. However, sales have not been as satisfactory, and some sellers have even experienced a decline in orders before and after the holiday, and there are also some suspensionsThe seller of 0.


Abroad, this year's Black Friday in the United States is not optimistic. The sales revenue of Black Five in the United States is$8.9 billion, compared to $9 billion in 2020, represents the first decline in recent years. However, due to its large market size and large consumer base, Amazon still set sales records during the Black Friday period.


The fourth quarter of 2021 has ended, experiencing a decline in Q3. It is unknown whether Amazon's Q4 performance will experience new growth driven by the peak season, and the influx of many new sellers is bound to cause greater competition in the new year.

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