Excessive lead content in zippers, children's sweaters recalled


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

A sweater has been recalled due to excessive lead content in the zipper.


Recall cases are often heard, and clothing is also a frequent customer of recalls. Recently, a sweater was recalled due to excessive lead content in the zipper.


This recallSweaters forApplicable toNumber 0 to 8ofChildren's sizeThe fabric is wool, and the color isDark gray, blue, or black as the base colorAnd it also comes with multi-color patterns. In addition, the sweater comes with a hat and a zipper on the front,Top and bottom of zipperstillThere is a pull rope.


Shipping Information Zipper Lead Content Exceeds Standard, Children's Sweaters Recalled

picture sourceCPSC

The reason for being recalled isPaint on the zipper pull headInLead contentExceeding the standard. If ingested with paint, excessive lead maysendToxic or causing other health problems in young children.The sweater was sold onFrom December 2020 to January 2021, the selling price is approximately $29.


According to the recommendations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States,Consumers should immediatelyStop using and contact the brand to obtain a full refund.


The most common reason for clothing recalls is the flammability standard, as there are also cases of recalls that do not meet federal standards. However, other hidden risks cannot be ignored by sellers. For example, in the previous case,Risk of suffocation due to detached buttonsIt is also the reason for the recall, and this time it is due to lead content. Many small details need to be noted.


And in the previous few itemsIn a study conducted according to CPSC standards, the results showed that the lead content of certain brands of children's products exceeded the regulatory limit by 30 times.


Excessive lead levels can lead to serious health problems, including attacks on the brain and central nervous system, decreased fertility, depressionHeart and kidney diseases, etcThis risk may be more severe for children.


In response to this issue, some time ago, the Governor of New York issued new legislation requiring certain products that use lead-based wire sleeves to be labeled with warning labels, mainly targeting Christmas and various lighting decorations. Sellers who do not meet the standards will be fined.If the seller contains lead in the product, they must pay attention to the dosage standard.


Product quality issues should not be underestimated, especially for children's products, and sellers should be even more cautious.

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