Shenzhen Customs seized 6 cases of infringement, with a total value of nearly 600000!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

At the beginning of the new year, however, violations still occur frequently.In January alone, Shenzhen Customs reported six cases of intellectual property administrative penalties, involving nearly 600000 goods in total and about 87000 fines in total.


According to the information disclosed on the website of Shenzhen Customs, a Shenzhen company declared to Shekou Customs to export bulbs to South Africa. However, upon inspection by the customs, it is found that the actual export goods are marked with28800 boxes of shoe polish marked "KIWI and Qiweiniao", worth 207360 yuan. As confirmed by the obligee, s.c. Johnson&Sons, this infringes its exclusive right to use its trademark. For this reason, the customs confiscated the above infringing goods and made a decision to impose a fine of 31104 yuan.


Similarly, another company also declared to Shekou Customs for exporting lamps. But the customs also found other goods, including luxury brands85 counterfeit commodities including CHANEL, Dior, etc., with a value of 4936 yuan. The customs decided to impose an administrative penalty of confiscating the above infringing goods and imposing a fine of 987 yuan on the party concerned.


In another inspection, Shekou Customs also found that the declared goods were mixed with other goods10000 counterfeit identification cards marked "POKEMON" with a value of 2000 yuan. In response, the customs confiscated the above infringing goods and fined 300 yuan.


Not only that, Shekou Customs also seized a case of counterfeit electronic products. It is reported that a Guangzhou company declared to the customs to export bottles and other goods to Japan. However, the customs found that the goods were mixed with other goods, includingThere are 1473 electronic products with brand marks such as HUAWEI, Apple, OPPO, etc., with a value of 241828 yuan. In this case, the customs confiscated the above infringing goods and imposed a fine of 36,274 yuan.


In addition to Shekou Customs, Dapeng Customs also reported a case of intellectual property administrative punishment recently. It is understood that Dapeng Customs found that12434 counterfeit briefcases marked with the "DELL" trademark, with a value of 120284.03 yuan. Similarly, the customs confiscated the above infringing goods and imposed a fine of 18000 yuan.


Another forgery was discovered by Shenzhen Bao'an Airport Customs. Customs found the use in a batch of ignition coilsThere are 10 overhaul kits and 16 pistons of the "Haima" trademark, with a value of 1708 yuan. In response, the customs confiscated the above-mentioned goods and fined 256 yuan.


From hereIn 6 cases, it can be found that some sellers tried to mix infringing products in the declared goods to get through the customs. However, these measures cannot escape the eyes of the customs. For sellers, compliance management is the best policy.

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