Sellers need to be vigilant! Google identity verification scam


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Identity verification is very common around us, as it is a verification method to ensure that a certain matter is handled by oneself. However, recentlyThere are criminals using this method to commit fraud against online sellers.


According to the latest news from foreign media, scammers are usingGoogle Identity VerificationDesigned a newScam,Sellers should be highly vigilant about such information. According to the introduction, when the sellerWhen listing items for sale,SimultaneouslyreleaseOwnReal phone number,This provides opportunities for scammers to exploit.


SwindlerFirstlyBy SMS or emailThe method and seller's acquisitionContact,claimTo ensure thatIs the seller's identity legalBeing deceived will lead tosellerSend fromGoogleVerification code for,To confirm that it is the seller himself.

 Cross border sellers need to be vigilant! Google identity verification scam

Next, the seller will be required to pass theVerify by voice call or text message and provide him with the number. foolZihuiUse this verification code tosellerSet a nominalGoogle Voice account,And based on the real phone number and other information provided by the seller beforeVerification.


onceAccount successfully verified,SwindlerYou can use thisGoogle Voice account fraud against other victims,And after these fraudulent activities were discovered,The first seller involved is the victim. it is reported,Google Voice is a free service that allows foruserSet up phone numbers for making phone calls and sending text messages.


In addition, according to foreign media reports,Fraudsters can also usesellerProvide authentication code to access and take over the victim'sGmail account.


According to the report, the United StatesFBIA reminder has been made to remind the seller of thisDo not share with othersOwnGoogle verification code,Only personally with buyers and sellers who discoverexchange. IfneedwantConduct transactionsEnsure the use of legitimate payment processors,And sellers should not sell their ownEmail address disclosed toby telephoneBuyers conducting businessorSeller.


It is worth noting that many online sellers may overlook such reminders due to their eagerness to sell their products and expand their sales, thus falling into the trap set by scammers.


Being able to promote products on more platforms and in more ways is indeed a good thing, but ignoring the risks behind it is not worth the loss. Sellers should be vigilant if they receive such information or phone calls.

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