Don't stay up late! Tmall New Year's Merchandise Festival starts at 8:00 this evening


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onemonthnineThe day before the eighth lunar monthtwo thousand and twenty-twoTmall New Year's Goods Festival officially openedThe opening time of this year's New Year's Festival will be advanced to the eveningeightspotConsumers don't have to stay up lateYou can lock your favorite goodsin additionTmallTaobao will also organize merchantsLogistics enterprises guarantee the Spring FestivalmirrorRegular operationDelivery as usualLet consumers have a lively, affordable and warm Spring Festival


onemonthnineSolsticetwenty-onedayCommodities in the New Year's Merchandise Festival venue will enjoy cross store fulltwo hundredreducetwentyOffers foronemonthnineSolsticefifteendayevery morningtenspotConsumers can open TaobaoAPP grabs New Year's bonus


it is reportedThis year's Tmall New Year Goods Festival will cover hometowns' New Year goods, local food, time-honored brands, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, new products with the theme of the Year of the Tiger, etc. To enrich the table for consumersZhiweiguan, Taotaoju, Xinya Cantonese Restaurant, Quanjude and other time-honored brands have launched special prefabricated dishes,includeSignature dishes, soy sauce, staple food, etc.Heyuan Restaurant, Dong DaojiaWait for Michelin Restaurant to launch the pre prepared New Year's Eve dinner at Tmall


In the past, people from all over the country went to the market. NowIn TmallOne click to buy the whole worldGood things。 Canadian Arctic shellfish caught in the deep sea, bread crab in the Atlantic Ocean, white shrimp harvested directly from Erdogua, salmon from Norway, Australian silver cod, etc"Crossing the Seas" was held in the Chinese New Year. Imported snacks such as Cat Mountain King Durian, Chilean Cherry, Dubai Camel Milk and Belgian Chocolate directly picked by Malaysia will also reach Chinese consumers through Tmall.


From January 10, Brazil's ambassador to China, Ethiopia's ambassador to China, Rwanda's ambassador, and diplomats from Belgium, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries will enter the live broadcast room and recommend Tmall Global to import good products with characteristics.


Seagoing information does not stay up late! Tmall New Year's Merchandise Festival starts at 8:00 this evening


The tiger element has become a new highlight of New Year goods. During the Tmall New Year Festival,MACEstee LauderFRESH and other skin care productsCard successionLaunch the exclusive edition of the Year of the TigerBubble Mart52 Toys, Ruolai and other Chaoyou brands,Sold in successionLimited gift box for the Year of the TigerLuxury brandIWC Wanguo, Kochi CoachAnd so on, Tmall also launched the special fund for the Year of the Tiger


ninetyLater, it is becoming the main force of online shopping for New Year's goodsPersonal Tailor”Become a trendDuring the Spring FestivalNew brand of baby foodtakeThe new year gift box is customized by Tmall, and the baby also has a special gift box for new year foodMany digital brands have also launched customized mobile phone shell services in Tmall


Spring Festival is to accompany parentsA festival to express filial piety。 Healthy nutrition, home inspection, nourishing and health preservationIt is expected to become a popular New Year productData display of Tmall health medicineNear the end of the year, gift boxes for nutrition and health care products, home healthThe product growth trend is very obvious


This year, helping farmersPlay.On January 7, under the guidance of the Youth Development Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and co sponsored by the China Youth Daily and Alibaba Group, the first stop of the special session of the 2022 Youth League "Youth Work China" was openedTmall New Year Goods Festival"Short sellingone hundredVillages”Schedule Synchronization StarttakecovertwothreeProvincial administrative regions,one hundred and tenmanyAgricultural products in counties.


E-commerce platform does not stay up late! Tmall New Year's Merchandise Festival starts at 8:00 this evening


At the same time, supported by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection AssociationThe featured activity of "Intangible Cultural Heritage Collection of the Year of the Tiger" will appear on the Tmall New Year Goods Festival. From January 9, the exclusive venue for Taobao craftsmen will be officially launched until New Year's Eve. More than 140 inheritors and craftsmen participated in the event, bringing together intangible cultural heritage from all over the countryproduct, such as Chengdu lacquerware, Zhangqiu iron pot, Dali handmade silver pot, etc.


During the Spring FestivalIn order to facilitate consumers to buy New Year's goods and necessities onlineTaobao Tmall will organize qualified merchants and logistics enterprises to guaranteemirrorRegular businessexpressNo outage, no service drop.


"Not stationing dishes during the Spring Festival" has becomeTaoBaoTmall is a new way to facilitate and benefit the people. Taocai is in the whole countryThe 12 provincial-level administrative regions do not rest during the Spring Festival, and deliver fresh and high-quality dishes to the community every day through the ability of direct procurement and sales throughout the country. The consumer places an order on the same day, and can pick it up before 12 o'clock the next day.


From New Year's Eve to the seventh day of the first month, the box horse is still not closed. The Spring Festival is the peak season for seafood consumption. Hema has specially strengthened the supply capacity of live fish and shrimp to ensure the fresh delivery of fish and shrimpconsumer。 This year is the Year of the Tiger. Hema has especially upgraded the supply chain of tiger spot and black tiger shrimp to meetpeopleNeeds.In addition, daysCat SupermarketDuring the Spring Festival, the goods will be delivered to the door as usual, and the delivery will be provided on the same dayNext day service.

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