There are 2 violations, Xiamen Dashai receives a warning letter


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Xiamen Jihong Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, focuses on FMCG display packaging, and is committed to establishing a full range of packaging supply chain procurement scenarios around brand FMCG customers to provide all-round services for customers to achieve one-stop procurement.


After it was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016, it rapidly expanded its packaging business and developed precision marketing and cross-border e-commerce business relying on creative design. At present, cross-border e-commerce has contributed nearly 60% of its performancesharesIt is also constantly laying out the domestic new retail ecological environment.


There are 2 violations, Xiamen Dashai receives a warning letter


On December 28, 2021sharesReceived the Decision of Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau on Issuing Warning Letter to Xiamen Jihong Technology Co., Ltd. issued by Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau.


There were two violations at sea, Xiamen Dashai received a warning letter


In the warning letter, the CSRC mentioned two violations of Jihong Shares:


1: Related party transactions are not reviewed and disclosed in time


Hong Kong Meggitt Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has become Kehong since September 2020sharesRelated parties. Jihong in 2020 and 2021sharesThe total amount of advertising services purchased from Hong Kong Meggitt is 19.6875 million yuan and 11.934 million yuan respectively. But, JihongsharesFailing to timely perform the review procedures and information disclosure obligations as required.


2: Provide financial assistance to the object of equity incentive plan


JihongsharesIt is mentioned in the announcement of restricted stock incentive plan in 2021 that the incentive plan objects are funded by employees themselves, and the company promises not to provide loans or other forms of financial assistance to incentive objects.


In fact, JihongsharesIn August 2021, it will provide financial assistance for some equity incentive plan objects to obtain relevant restricted stocks in the name of paying for commodity purchase and advertising expenses, with a total amount of RMB 14.2118 million.


The above situation violates the relevant provisions of the Administrative Measures for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies and the Administrative Measures for Equity Incentive of Listed Companies. Securities Regulatory Bureau to JihongsharesTake administrative supervision measures to issue warning letters, and require them to submit written rectification reports.


JihongsharesAfter receiving the warning letter, he said that he would take effective measures to rectify relevant matters according to the requirements of the warning letter and submit a written rectification report to Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau within the specified time.


Meanwhile, JihongsharesIt is stated that this regulatory measure will not affect its normal production, operation and management activities. It will earnestly perform its obligation of information disclosure in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and please pay attention to investment risks.


Jihong Shares contributes nearly 60% of its cross-border e-commerce performance


Relying on the packaging industry, Jihong started to enter the cross-border e-commerce field in recent years and gradually developed into a comprehensive integrated marketing solution provider. At present, while focusing on the origin of creative design and deeply cultivating the professional field of packaging, Jihong Shares has entered into precision marketing and cross-border e-commerce business, and has combined blockchain technology to enable the two main businesses.


There are two violations of cross-border information, Xiamen Dashai receives a warning letter

(Tuyuan Jihong Stock Financial Report)


two thousand and sixteenAfter its listing in, the growth of packaging business of Jihong has slowed down. At the same time, many traditional industries began to embark on the path of Internet transformation, and Jihong began to enter the cross-border e-commerce market. Up to now, cross-border e-commerce business has become the main revenue source of Jihong, contributing nearly 60% of its performance.


According to the financial report of Jihong Shares, the global epidemic will spread and continue in 2020, and part of consumers' offline life and consumption needs will be transferred to the online market. With the effective control of the domestic epidemic and the rapid recovery of the supply chain, Jihong Shares will rely on China's strong manufacturing industry chain advantages, and the number of cross-border e-commerce orders will break through the historical high in 2020. The revenue from cross-border e-commerce business of Internet marketing accounted for 57.84%, while the revenue from traditional color packaging carton and packaging box business accounted for only 24.68%.


two thousand and twenty-oneIn, the cross-border e-commerce industry ushered in a cold winter. The Amazon platform hit hard at Chinese sellers, and a wave of cross-border sellers were caught off guard by a wave of blockbusters. While Jihong mainly relies on independent stations to sell its products, its cross-border e-commerce business has not been greatly affected. According to the 2021 Semi annual Report of Jihong Shares, from January to June, the scale of its cross-border e-commerce orders increased by more than 60% over the same period of last year, realizing an operating revenue of 1390030700 yuan, up 27.02% over the same period of last year, while the operating revenue of packaging business was 984404300 yuan, up 55.34% over the same period of last year.


Jihong shares said that its cross-border e-commerce business mainly uses Facebook, Google, TikTok, Line, YouTube, Instagram and other foreign social network platforms to precisely push independent station advertisements for online B2C sales, and cross-border sales of cost-effective and distinctive Chinese products to Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other countries or regions. In the first half of 2021, its cross-border e-commerce market share will further expand, and it will continue to maintain its leading position in independent station e-commerce in Southeast Asia.


In addition, Jihong is also actively promoting the construction of new projects and constantly optimizing the industrial chain investment layout. In the future, Jihong will continue to promote the construction of its own brand, continuously improve its integrated marketing ability, actively expand the domestic e-commerce market sales, and create a new profit growth point for the company.


In terms of cross-border e-commerce, Jihong is building a cross-border e-commerce SaaS service platform for Southeast Asia and other small language countries, attracting the attention of many cross-border sellers.


Jihong Shares SaaS service platform Jimiao Cloud is about to be publicly tested


It is understood that Jimiao Cloud is a SaaS service platform focusing on cross-border e-commerce,Mainly provide businesses with services such as product selection, station building, marketing, warehousing, logistics, customer management, etc。 Open up emerging markets in Asia for domestic cross-border sellers and international Internet bloggers, and realize the growth of cross-border business.At present, JMO Cloud Platform mainly focuses on the Asian marketIncluding Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and the Middle East.

There were two violations at sea, Xiamen Dashai received a warning letter


According to previous reports, Jimiao Cloud has launched an internal test in May 2021, and opened a small range of free trials. It is said that JMO Cloud has a strong supplier resource integration capability, which can coordinate decentralized suppliers and provide logistics support and cloud warehouse management system for sellers. At the same time, it can meet the needs of sellers to build a website, connect with overseas mainstream advertising channels (Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.) for sellers, and provide digital marketing services.


Sellers can also collect customer information from their own independent stations through the Jimiao Cloud platform, and use the content marketing, promotion tools, etc. provided by the Jimiao Cloud platform to promote customer consumption and explore customer value.


Recently, Jihong Shares said that Jimiao Cloud received a lot of feedback and suggestions during the internal test. In order to ensure the online quality and user experience of the platform, the company conducted repeated tests, improvements and upgrades before the platform was officially launched. At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the platform test progress slowed down. Therefore, the public test of Jimiao Cloud service platform was postponed to January 20, 2022.

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