Sales of pet products in the United States soared by 376%


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

"Buy first, pay later" service providerAfterpayIn the near futureReleasedThe trend of holiday shopping in 2021. The companySaid that in the worldhavetenten thousandPartners,more and moreConsumer use ofBuy first and pay laterHoliday shoppingAddress their budget shortfalls。 This leads to an increase in the flow of merchants during holiday shopping41%。


according toThe data published by Afterpay,U.S.AConsumer'sShopping trends include:


partyclothesInstalled inHolidayChina is making a comeback. Velvet and sequinsclothingIt is the first choice for party lovers——The year-on-year growth was 188% and 146% respectively.


Strong demand for pet productsShit shoveling officer isActively seekFind pet suppliesTo spoil their companions,Related productssales volumeCompared with the same period, there was a sharp increase376%。


Department stores are back. During the whole holiday period, consumers doubled the number of shopping in department storesmany——Year on year growth256%。


Supply chain problemsurgeGift CardSales surge。 In order to avoid the transportation delay of physical goods, the expenditure on gift cards increased year on year50 times.


Family transformationcontinueLong term home lifeIt does not reduce people's interest in household products, the purchase volume increased year on year49%


The demand for ski suits is rising。 Because of the societyCross isolationWith the relaxation of measures and the popularity of snow sports, the demand for ski clothes has increased dramatically. This leads toconsumerIncreased consumption in ski and snow merchants10 times.


The rise of neutral clothing。 Sex free products let allEveryoneEasier access to fashion and merchantsproductIs described asUnisexNeutral goodsYear on year sales growth of57%。


In addition, offline shopping has achieved a strong rebound,Afterpay announcementSales data of showed that in store shopping increased year on year384%. On Black Friday alone, in store shopping increased by 442%.


Shakaila, a consumer shopping psychologist at Afterpay Forbes Bell said, "People will continue to live in their homes or through their petsBuild belongs totheirownstyle, retailers can focus on these categories


AfterpaySaid,Consumer useAfterpayPayment solutions are purchased online and in physical stores,stayIn 2021, theyalreadySave consumers up to $459 million in credit card fees and interest

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