Gen Z and Millennials tend to order products directly from brands


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

according to CapgeminiAccording to the latest report of the Institute, "What is the most important for today's consumers", shoppers of Generation Z and Millennials are now more likely to order products directly from brands.

Over the past six months, more than two-thirds of Gen Z and more than half of Millennials have ordered products directly from brands. At the same time, only 37% of Gen X and 21% of Baby Boomers ordered directly from the brand.

For consumers who buy directly from the brand, nearly two-thirds of them think that direct purchase can give them a better shopping experience, and 59% mentioned the opportunity to participate in the brand loyalty program.

Capgemini Research Institute also said that, affected by the epidemic, most consumers chose online shopping for safety reasons, which has led to the rapid growth of e-commerce in the past two years. However, the current growth trend has stabilized, and more and more consumers, especially baby boomers, hope to shop in physical stores after the epidemic.

Capgemini's research shows that delivery services are becoming more and more important in e-commerce. Especially in the fields of health, beauty and groceries, consumers pay more attention to the delivery service and shopping experience of online shopping than in store shopping. 42% of the respondents said that service delivery is the most important factor to improve their shopping experience.

In addition, according to Capgemini research and analysis, health and sustainability are the key issues concerned by consumers at present. 69% of the respondents said that they would pay more attention to cleanliness and personal health due to the impact of the epidemic; Another 60% of respondents said that sustainability will be an important factor in deciding which retailers and brands to buy from.

44% of consumers are willing to pay higher prices for food with sustainable packaging. This trend is more obvious in Generation Z and Millennials, with 64% Generation Z and 54% Millennials respectively
be willingPay higher prices for sustainable packaging, compared with only 30% of baby boomers.

In order to meet the changing shopping needs of consumers, today's brands and retailers should be committed to improving delivery services and providing consumers with a good shopping experience. In addition, we should also pay attention to the sustainability of products when we are producing them.

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