How dare you manipulate comments? Thousands of sellers have been exposed for 'paid positive reviews'!


Author:Wu Shuai
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The past two years have been turbulent and unpredictable in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Under the background of the COVID-19, the international import and export business has developed rapidly. Many enterprises have taken advantage of the wind and leaped forward; However, there are also many companies that have stumbled and lost their jobs.


Many cross-border industry blockbuster accounts have been blocked one after another, causing many sellers to panic. The reason for account closure is often due to merchants using consumer psychology to attach paid reviews to buyers in product packaging, which violates Amazon platform rules.


There are multiple channels for sellers to seek reviews, and the platform has no choice but to rack their brains


The topic of false comments is not new in the e-commerce community. Although in the domestic e-commerce market, people may have already become accustomed to this, as takeout and express delivery may be filled with feedback cards.


However, Amazon has recently been strict in its attitude towards this issue, taking bold measures, and aggressively carrying out platform renovations. As a result, many sellers have suffered heavy losses and have acted with many rules.


However, in a highly praised e-commerce environment, the phenomenon of seeking reviews is like a small grass, and wildfires cannot be completely consumed. No, there's news coming outThe Twitter platform has become a disaster zone for sellers to seek reviews.


How dare you manipulate comments while going out to sea? Thousands of sellers have been exposed for 'paid positive reviews'!


According to the UK Consumer AgencyWhich? Latest surveydisplay,haveThousands of Amazon sellersadoptTwitterplatformcarry outPaid praise operationThere are as many brands involved130.Prior to this,Which?It has been reported that Amazon sellers haveFacebookThe platform demands five-star praise from buyers.


The Twitter platform's participation in false positive reviews can be divided into two groups: sellers and commentators. These Amazon sellers are mostly from China, India, Pakistan, and the United States, and have solicited commentators from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Russia, and Japan on Twitter.


theseCommentator places an order for the productafter,The seller will return it firstcommodity priceHalf the amount,Waiting for itPost a five-star review with photos or videos before returningstillThe other halfmoneyAnd commission. theseThe product involves beautyChildren's toys, clothing, earplugs, wigs, mobile phonesShell,Stationery and underwear, etc.


Which? Researchers impersonating commentators on TwitterplatformAfter posting a tweet about wanting to become an Amazon product commentator, receivedYes19 sellers responded.And throughout the investigation,Which?altogetherReceived from53065 paid positive listings from 132 brands, includingNot even lackingAmazon's Choice products.


Under Amazon's iron fist after another, there are still sellersStep by step ", choose to swipe the list and review. It seems that the platform and some sellers' cat and mouse games will continue to continue.


Amazon Delete Seller FirstListing, then introducing relevant compliance policies


For sellers who violate platform rules, their behavior is like walking on a tightrope. But even those sellers who adhere to platform rules cannot say they have peace of mind.


Being a seller on Amazon now is always on tenterhooks, afraid that one day they accidentally touch Amazon's rules and affect their business. Recently, a large number of sellers on American websites have reported that the Amazon platform has quietly removed a large number of product links.


First, the sellerSell4more posted on Amazon's official forum stating that the Amazon platform seems to have removed nearly a million dietary supplement products, including some of its best-selling products on Amazon. And he has not received any prior notification regarding the need for compliance documents for this category of products. Many sellers of dietary supplements have posted under this post stating that they have encountered the same thing.


How dare cross-border e-commerce logistics manipulate comments? Thousands of sellers have been exposed for 'paid positive reviews'!


It is reported that the reason why these products were taken off the shelves is that Amazon has recently changed the requirements for selling dietary supplement products on the Meiya website.


Amazon USA websiteA new announcement was released on January 11th. The announcement reads: "Selling dietary supplements in the United States requires submission of compliance documents. Starting from January 10, 2022, we have modified the way you submit dietary supplement compliance documents in stores in the United States


How dare cross-border information manipulate comments? Thousands of sellers have been exposed for 'paid positive reviews'!


Dietary supplement category sellers can visitOn the 'Fix Your Product' page, view the ASINs and SKUs that require approval, and then select 'Request Approval'. You can also submit documents by searching for products in the "Add Products" section of the "Inventory" menu and selecting "Apply for Sale".


Many sellers are very puzzled by Amazon's proactive behavior.


sellerA: I directly deleted the product link without prior notice, which resulted in customers being unable to purchase my product and caused me significant economic losses.


sellerB: Due to Amazon's clumsy launch of this plan, each of us has come under attack, and it seems difficult to upload compliance files within Amazon's designated time frame.


sellerC: Almost all of my dietary supplement products have been taken off the shelves, and I have sent compliance documents to Amazon multiple times. However, Amazon has been saying that I need to send compliance documents, and these compliance checks do not seem easy to pass.


Amazon strictly controls the compliance of dietary supplement products on its platform, which was originally responsible to consumers. However, this one size fits all approach has indeed brought significant negative impacts to sellers to some extent. Even some sellers who are not for this type of purpose have receivedInvolvement.


stayUnder the post "sell4more", some sellers claimed that their products were removed from Amazon simply because the title contained vocabulary related to supplements.


seller"Texas_Exile_Books" means: "Amazon's robot system seems to be out of control again! In recent days, Amazon's system has mistakenly associated many products with the category of nutritional supplements. At least a dozen non supplement products have been taken off the shelves, possibly because the product titles contain vocabulary such as poison, diet, health, etccoverAmazon systemMisjudgment.


In short, sellers of this type must conduct self inspections in a timely manner and upload relevant compliance documents according to Amazon's requirements to avoid any impact on their subsequent operations.


Although some sellers are indeed dissatisfied with some of Amazon's actions, no matter what,People under the eaves ", if you want to operate on Amazon, you still need to follow the platform's rules. Finding timely solutions to problems is the most important thing.


If sellers want to continue their business in the long term, they still need to comply with Amazon's rules and must not exceed the platform's red line. A series of cases have proven that opportunism may win a while, but often walking by the river, one cannot avoid getting their shoes wet.


In addition, sellers should pay more attention and timely understand the relevant rules and latest policies of the platform to avoid unknowingly touching the platform'sMinefield. If some sellers violate the rules knowingly, but if they are punished for unintentionally violating the platform rules because they do not understand them, then they are about to cry without tears. If the punishment is due to platform misjudgment, it is necessary to promptly understand the reason and find corresponding solutions.

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