Shopify has reached strategic cooperation with JD to accelerate its expansion in China


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reports, Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce giant, has reached a strategic cooperation with JD to help American businesses sell goods in China, the world's second largest economy. This cooperation between the two e-commerce giants not only marks an important step for Shopify to expand in China, but also marks another step in JD's internationalization efforts.


JD said it would open an "acceleration channel" for Shopify's brands and start selling through its cross-border e-commerce websites in China. JD said that foreign brand merchants can open stores and start selling within three to four weeks, instead of 12 months.


At the same time, JD will also deal with the price conversion and logistics of Shopify platform merchants from the United States to China. As we all know, JD has its own logistics department, as well as a huge network of deliverers and warehouses. Logistics is undoubtedly a major advantage of JD. In recent years, JD's internationalization has also gradually accelerated. Recently, JD opened two new physical retail stores in the European market, and used robots to distribute and deliver goods.


In addition, the two e-commerce giants also said that Shopify and JD would "cooperate to simplify the access and compliance of Chinese brands and merchants who want to contact consumers in the Western market". Shopify's vice president and JD's international business president both expressed their hope to use their own advantages to effectively simplify the complex process of cross-border e-commerce, help more Chinese and foreign brands release greater potential in the international market, and continue to promote the development of cross-border trade.


It is understood that Shopify has set foot in the Chinese market before. In 2020, the company began to allow merchants to accept payments through Alipay. But the cooperation with JD is the most important driving force so far, because JD has more than 550 million active customers every year.


ShopifyAs one of the most popular independent stations, the company has made remarkable achievements in the past two years. In 2020, the total revenue of the company will be $2929.5 billion, an increase of 86% over 2019. In 2021, Shopify's quarterly revenue GMV will also grow. In order to share the risks of a single platform, many cross-border sellers have deployed independent stations. It is understood that Shopify is the preferred platform for most cross-border sellers.

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