The number of arriving liners has decreased, and the export of heavy containers at Yantian Port has been adjusted!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

The congestion situation at ports in the West Coast of the United States in 2021 has been a concern, and even with a series of policies, there has been no significant improvement. It is reported that the detention fee collection planned by the West Coast Port has been postponed several times and has now been postponed to April.


On the domestic side, there have been further delays in the past two weeks due to ships arriving at Yantian Port in Shenzhen. According to relevant information from Yantian Port Terminal, the scheduled rate of its liner services has significantly decreased, with less than20%. In terms of delay time, arrivalThe average delay of ships at the port exceeds170 hours, while ships on European and American routes have decreased by 40%.

 The number of cross-border e-commerce logistics arriving at the port has decreased, and the import of heavy containers at Yantian Port has been adjusted!

Regarding this, Yantian International Container Terminal Co., LtdOn the 16th, a notice was issued stating that due toNumber of arriving linersofContinuing to plummet, leading toThe portA large number of exported heavy boxes cannot be loaded on board,The density of the storage yard in Yantian Port Area is close to saturation. To avoidThe port area'sProduction is affected byreachFurther affecting and increasing surrounding traffic pressure, Yantian Port Area has implemented measures to control the entry of heavy containers at the exitPartialadjustment.

From the content of the announcement,sinceThis monthStarting from 0:00 on the 21stYantian Port AreatakeReceive OnlyETB-4 daysfingerWithin four days prior to the expected berthing date of the vessel, the export heavy container enters the gate. Export heavy box reservation limitUnchangedEvery day12000.


For fromJanuaryFrom the 19th to the 20ththroughSuccessfully booked heavy containers for entry,ifMissing the scheduled arrival time due to queuing,Yantian PortThe dock will collect the containers normally.


Yantian Port is the port area with the largest container throughput in China and also the port with the highest density of inland ocean container liners. last yearIn May, due to the impact of the epidemic in the port area, there was a phenomenon of cargo accumulation. At that time, there were consecutive congestion in South China ports, but the overall operational capacity was soon restored.


The data shows that Yantian Port bears one fourth of the cargo volume of Sino US trade, indicating the importance of this port. From the adjustment made by Yantian Port to export heavy containers this time, it can be seen that the global supply chain problem is still ongoing, and the overall recovery will take some time. The carrier needs to timely understand the relevant information of the shipping port in order to make corresponding adjustments.

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