The "sequela" of Brexit, the rise of cross-border online shopping costs has a big impact


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

According to International Post(According to a survey conducted by IPC, a cross-border e-commerce survey was conducted for 33000 consumers in 40 countries around the world。 Among them,In 2021, the customs fees for online shopping in Ireland will jump the most among 40 countries, and the impact of VAT on cross-border shopping will soar from 7% to 29%.The increase of such costs has also hit consumers' enthusiasm for shopping.


according toAccording to the IPC, one of the reasons for this sharp increase is the Brexit.It also indirectly reflects the dominant position of the UK in the EU e-commerce market.


The survey analyzed the current and future e-commerce development trends and preferences in Ireland.Among them25% of the respondents felt that online shopping was affected by the Brexit, and 39% of European consumers said that they were greatly affected by the new EU VAT and customs laws.This regulation has been implemented since last yearFrom July, new fees will be levied on all products purchased outside the EU.


The introduction of new regulations has also led to an increase in the number of people who need to pay extra fees related to e-commerce.In 2021, 21% of the population will pay import fees, while in 2020, the proportion will be only 13%.


For the new VAT regulations, there are39% of the respondents said that they had an impact on their cross-border shopping.Compared with previous years, the price of the goods they buy will increase, or they will pay additional customs fees.


According to the survey results, there are22% of Irish consumers will have at least one online shopping every week, including domestic and cross-border shopping. 79% of consumers prefer to shop online once a month. And according to the survey, Ireland's domestic e-retailers will be more popular than cross-border online shopping in the future, with 27% of respondents saying they will buy more goods in the country.


Amazon is their most commonly used shopping platform.In terms of cross-border shopping, there are26% of the respondents were on Amazon, followed by 19% on AliExpress, and eBay ranked third with 10%.


On the other hand, consumers show more concern about online shopping as a sustainable choice.49% of the respondents said they hoped that cross-border parcels would be carbon neutral, and 44% worried that their online shopping behavior would be changed in a sustainable way.


For online shopping package,70% want their packaging materials to be recyclable, 65% want their packaging to be reusable, and 50% want their packaging to be biodegradable.


The seller can analyze the results of the survey report to understand the problems concerned by consumers in various countries and their shopping habits. This can help product sales and consumer communication to a certain extent.

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