TikTok has nearly 200000 views, and Amazon's thermal products are selling well!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

In the harsh winter, people choose to wear thick clothes to keep warm, and hats, scarves, thick socks, etc. have also become essential items for many people in winter. In addition to these conventional cold resistant clothing, there will always be some eye-catching cold resistant items.


Recently, a winter stocking that can be heated has attracted the attention of the editor. When searching on TikTok, you can notice that the topic of # heated socks has had nearly 200000 views on TikTok, and many bloggers share their usage methods and tips on using heated socks under this topic.


The e-commerce platform TikTok has nearly 200000 views, and Amazon's thermal products are selling well!


This is a sock that can use a battery to power the built-in heating element of the sock to keep the feet warm, and its temperature is also adjustable and controllable. Even in cold rainy and snowy weather, it can keep your feet warm.


When searching for the word 'heated socks' on Google Trends, it can be observed that the search popularity of heated socks has significantly increased in winter, with the colder months having higher search popularity. The three countries with the highest search popularity worldwide are Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


Cross border e-commerce logistics TikTok has nearly 200000 views, and Amazon's warmth products are selling well!


On Amazon, this type of sock that can be heated by batteries is priced at around $50 and sells well. Many consumers on Amazon have given positive feedback on this type of product, believing that it is very interesting and can keep their feet warm during cold winters, which is very practical for them.


Some consumers also gave negative reviews.


Consumer A: The socks are well made, but the battery bag on the side of the socks is not very good. These batteries will press against the side of my leg, making me feel very uncomfortable when wearing them.


Consumer B: These heated socks can only heat a small area, but I hope my entire foot, especially my toes, can feel warm.


Consumer C: The battery life is not very long, and their prices are also very expensive. It's better to replace them with a heating blanket.


The reasons for negative reviews are mostly concentrated in high product prices, small heating areas, short battery life requiring frequent charging, and some quality issues. Sellers with such purposes can improve their products based on suggestions from consumers.

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