EBay South Korea changed its name to Gmarket Global


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

EBay KoreaUnder the banner of New WorldAfter Emart acquisition, people also pay attention to how it will develop in the future.Recently,EBay South Korea officially changed its name toGmarket GlobalAnd is changing its website and necessary files.   


Emarttolast yearIn Novemberaboutthirty$100 millionEBay Korea's 80.01% stake, becoming its largestofshareholderEBay holds 19.99% of the company's shares


In naming, the new name does not containShinsegae or Emartsign, but namedGmarket GlobalGmarket is eBaythe republic of koreaOperational e-commerceplatformone ofIt is also the largest comprehensive shopping platform in South Korea, so its name isWant to emphasize its relationship withGmarket contacthinderGlobal”IsIt symbolizes its desire for further development.


Gmarket Global will use the current Gmarket flag. The e-commerce services Gmarket, Auction and G9 will continue to be operated by Gmarket Global.


The main business of the new world is offline, but with the rapid development of e-commerce driven by the epidemic, online has become a competitive place for retail giants. 


On acquisitionBefore eBay, New World's online market share was only 3% of the local market,The vice president made a bold decision to take over and occupy the domestic online shopping market12% of eBaythe republic of korea,This transaction made New World jump to the third place immediately and defeated the ownerCoupang with 13% market share.


In addition, it alsoAcquire fashion brandsW ConceptHelp the new world enterCoupang has notdevelopThe fashion field. In addition, the supermarket brand under New WorldE-Mart will focus on awarding points to attract online consumersGive play to the advantages of combining online and offline


During the year-end sales promotion last Christmas, South Korea ushered in the outbreak of the epidemic. Under the isolation measures, offline retail was restrained, and the New World alsotake immediate actiongo toOnline platform to connect with newly acquiredeBaythe republic of koreaCreate synergies.


fromFrom the first day of 2022, New World will cooperate with eBaythe republic of koreaTwo e-commerce platforms operatedGmarket and Auction carry out joint promotion activitiesOnline fashion platformW ConceptalsoWill participate in it to attract young customers.


thiseBaySouth Korea changed its name toGmarket GlobalIt marks a new beginning, and it is worth watching what kind of development will be ushered in in South Korea.

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