New regulations of US Customs will be issued, and SHEIN's status will not be guaranteed?


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

This Tuesday, the United StatesChairman of the House Subcommittee on Fundraising and TradeEarl BlumenauerAnnounce to draftnewbillStrengthening the US International Trade Import LawTo blockSome enterprises take advantage of the lower tax exemption threshold to ship their goods to the United States.


according toBlumenauerexpress,Every dayhaveexceed2 million packagesIn the United StatesDigital in the next few yearswithinIt will only climb。 Ifin the U.S.marketForeign countries selling goodsEnterprise continuesSplit goods to avoid tariffs and supervision, American enterprisesWill continueAt a competitive disadvantage in terms of cost.


At the same time, the current lawVulnerabilities also make it easier for people to import illegal goods and harmful products because there is no waygoJudge theseIn the packageWhether it includes forced laborProductiveviolationknowledgeProprietaryorinvolveother dangersofProducts.


And this time,Import Security and Fairnessbill》WillpreventCommodities from non market economies such as ChinaBenefit from low tax exemption policy。 U.S. governmentexpress, these countries's treatment YeshisLocal enterprisesunfair, the revised customs policycanTo ensureFrom these countriesandRegional shipments are notContinue fromBenefit.


Ron Sorini, trade expert at Samet&AssociatesHe said that the proposal was the most comprehensive minimum legislation he had ever seen。 hemention, this willstrikeSHEINAnd similar platforms,SHEIN onceTake advantage of this vulnerabilityCompetition in the marketMedium defeatHasH&M,stillFound selling chemicalsExceedance's clothing


U.S.ACouncil of Textile OrganizationsalsoExpress support for the proposed billThe bill will effectively ban non market economiescountryUsing the321 micro mechanismsloophole,Damage to American companies and workersandAmerican consumersThe interests of.


AFL-Union of ProductionchairmanLiz Shuler saidU.S.A$800Customs exemptionThreshold and ChinaThe huge imbalance between the $7 threshold mustSolvedIn order to create a level playing field


However,President of the American Fashion AssociationJulia K. HughesPut forward different views,She saidstayepidemic situationDuring the period, e-commerce hasthroughBecome a contact with consumersImportant channels, Congress shouldensureNo impactonline retailersOn the premise of the market,Proper enforcement.


However, in any case, the drafting and implementation of the new bill will certainly reduce the customs tax collection quota and crack down on foreign enterprises that exploit loopholes to evade customs duties. The market includesSome brands including SHEIN will be affected more or less.

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