Beauty sellers should pay attention to the beauty trend in 2022!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

According to foreign media,Pinterest and WGSNThe organization recently released a report onIn the report on beauty and personal care in 2022, the most popular beauty trends among consumers are as follows:


1. fermentationIngredients skin care products

It is reported that,Fermented ingredients can enhance the skin's absorption of active substances, and even improveskinantioxidantofHorizontal. according toWGSN'sReport DisplayThe skin care products with these ingredients will become2022 and beyondIn the field of skin carewinner.


2. Washing without water

Waterless beauty has always beenPersonal beauty careThe hottest innovationpracticeone ofaccording toWGSNofIt is predicted that this trend will now be combined with anhydrous washing productsThis will attract those who do not have access to clean waterOrPeople looking for more environmentally friendly products.


threeBright hair and facecolour

WGSN chose orchidsThis intense magentaAsColor in 2022,This colorReflects"YesoptimisticAnd positive desire”。WGSNIt is believed that thisBright colorsIt will perform well in 2022. In the tide of global epidemic, consumers are also using this simple method to add joy to their daily life.


4. Tall hair style

according toPinterest twoOverview of beauty trends in 022,consumerThe love of natural textures is driving the canopyPengThe popularity of hairstyles. stayOctober 2019 totwoDuring September, 021, the search volume of high puffy hair increased by 165%. At the same time, the search volume of natural short hair increased by 185%, and the search volume of natural bunalsoAdded160%。


fiveLandscape nail enhancement paste

according toPinterest's prediction, by 2022There will be moreconsumerHope their fingersupperShowing beautiful natural scenery,Relevant search terms are particularly prominent among displayFrom October 2019 to September 2021, the search volume of "Galaxy Nail" increased by 115%"Auroramanicure”Search volume of has increased by 400%.At the same time, the search volume of marine nail enhancement and desert nail enhancement has doubled.


6. More prominent celebrity effect

With the increase of the number of social media users, more and more consumers begin to passKOL looks for the products it wants to buy.It is predicted that,In 2022, the celebrity effect in the field of beauty and skin care will be more prominent. The sellers of beauty and skin care can use social media to promote their products.

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