Under the epidemic situation, masks, body monitors and other equipment are popular in Russia!


Source: ennews

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, masks have basically become the necessary protective equipment for people's daily travel. The global epidemic has lasted for nearly two years. The repeated outbreaks in some areas have also made people dare not slack off their own protection.


It is not a basic operation for Chinese people to store masks. Foreigners also bought a large number of masks during the epidemic. It is understood thatIn January, the RussiansDemand for respirators with filtersSurge, especiallyJanuary 10th to 18thDuring this period, compared with250% increase from January 1-9


In popular respirators,FFP2 protection level and KN95 respirator with filterThe demand for more popular and protective three-layer masks increased year on year200%It is reported that consumers preferBlue and black。 And Russian consumers have more choicesA total of 100 tablets in a pack of 10 tablets.


Reusable maskIt is also a very popular epidemic prevention product for Russians, and local consumers prefer itWith sequins and printsStyle of。 For a set of five such reusable masks, the average Russian expenditure is150 to 300 rubles.


At the same time, the epidemic situation has also made people pay more attention to the health of their families, and various items can be monitoredBlood pressure and heartstateofFamily medicineequipmentDuring this period, it also entered the hot sales list and the Russian regionMost popularTOP10


People buy heartsPulse oximeterThe purpose of such equipment is to better observe the physical condition of the elderly at homethereforeWith largeLCD displayThe most popular style, average Russian expenditure for this purpose400 rubles to 900 rubles.


in additionSo is the electronic thermometerRussianHigh demand products,Relevant sellers can start to arrange products for the new year according to the market dynamics of the target market and the epidemic situation, so as to improve the sales volume of products in the store.

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