The United States may pass a new bill, Amazon will not be able to manipulate search rankings?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reports, recentlyU.S.AThe Senate Judiciary Committee passed by an overwhelming majorityTwo newAntitrustAct (American Online Innovation and Choice Act, Open Application Market Act)These two bills willprohibitlargeTechnology platformSelf biasedProducts and Services


It is understood that,Open Application Market ActmainInfluence thosebe confined only toCompanies that run app stores, such as Apple and GoogleAnd《American Online Innovation and Choice Act》The scope of influence of,itMay prevent companies like AmazonProvide its own brand products with more than the third partysellerBetter search ranking.


American Online Innovation and Choice ActIn the Senate Judiciary CommitteeIt was adopted by 16 votes to 6, and was sent to the plenary session of the Senate for deliberation.If the bill is passed, it will bring significant changes to the industry. Amazon's third-party sellers generally believe that Amazon manipulates search rankings.


Before the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the two bills, these large technology companies had already expressed their opposition.


On Tuesday, Amazon, Apple and Google passed letters or blogs to the committeeExpressed his concern for theseConcerns about the bill. Apple and Google are worriedThe Act allows users to download uncensored applicationstakemeetingExpose consumers to malware, ransomware, and fraudIs under threat.


Both Google and Amazon emphasizeThe bill may have a negative impact on consumers and small businesses that rely on its services. For example, Amazon's vice president of public policy said in a statement that the legislation may endanger the company's ability to providePrime transportationserviceAbility."This will make it difficult for us to ensure that the products of small enterprises can be delivered within one or two days.


At the same time, some support the billSmall business ownersalsoIt is feared that the strong financial resources and extensive lobbying efforts of the technology giants will weaken the final bill.A small business owner said:"Large technology companies, with their strong financial resources and extensive lobbying efforts, have had a huge impact on legislators, even if the billitselfIntent ofYesBefore they are really passed into lawIt will be destroyed.

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