Airy: How far can the live answering mode of "carrying forward" go?


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Introduction:According to the data of iResearch's continuous monitoring product mUserTracker, after the launch of the live answering function on several platforms with built-in live answering function, the user traffic has generally experienced a large increase, while before that, it has only maintained a gentle growth, which indicates that the live answering function has brought real and effective traffic to the traditional live broadcasting platform.

Since the beginning of 2018 New Year, there has been a trend of live answering questions from all walks of life. Every lunch break or after work time, many colleagues or relatives and friends get together in groups to participate in the knowledge quiz game. They have the opportunity to win bonuses while having fun and gaining knowledge. Live answering quickly becomes a popular new way of leisure and entertainment. The trend of live answering originated from a game called HQ Trivia launched in the United States in August 2017, which was downloaded more than 1 million times in the App Store during ChristmasvideoAfter a period of wait-and-see, the platform also launched domestic versions from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Among the main platforms, the first one was the Summit Conference launched at the end of 2017. After rapid growth and development, the current competition pattern in the industry has been relatively stable. Several header platforms with large user traffic have also begun to acquireadvertisementSponsorship to realize the commercial realization of platform traffic.

Cross border e-commerce iResearch: How far can the live answering mode of "carrying forward" go?

The live broadcast answers promoted the innovative development of the live broadcast industry, and the user traffic increased significantly

The award-winning contest program has a long history, and the live broadcast industry has become mature after several years of development. The combination of live broadcast and answering questions to form an innovative operation mode comes from the opportunity of the live broadcast platform to try to attract user traffic. For the live broadcast industry, after the rapid development in 2016, the user growth in 2017 began to gradually flatten, and user traffic entered the bottleneck period. All platforms began to take new attempts to attract users. The appearance of live answering questions undoubtedly played such a role. Especially after several years of development, the business operation mode of the whole live broadcast industry has become stable, and the user traffic has also accumulated to a certain extent, which provides a good basis for the launch of live broadcast answers.

according toIResearch ConsultingThe data of the continuous monitoring product mUserTracker shows that after several platforms with embedded live answering function went online, the user traffic has generally experienced a large increase, while before that, it has only maintained a gentle growth, which indicates that the live answering function has brought real and effective traffic to the traditional live broadcasting platform. On the one hand, the attraction of live answering to users comes from the hundreds of thousands or even millions of bonuses it provides to the winners, and on the other hand, it comes from the nature of the knowledge contest mode itself, which allows users to use fragmented time to obtain encyclopedic knowledge. For users, it is a fun and valuable entertainment experience. In addition, the mechanism of sharing invitation codes to obtain resurrection cards has also brought about a wide spread effect initiated by users, so live answering questions can quickly cover a large number of people in a short time.

The cross-border e-commerce platform iResearch: How far can the live answering mode of "carrying forward" go?

The capital chain flows in a single direction and the marginal cost is too high. The rapid growth of the track gives birth to derivative links.

At present, the commercial income of live answering questions mainly comes from the fund sponsorship of advertisers in exchange for their product marketing and brand exposure on the platform. Under this operation mode, the flow direction of the capital chain is relatively single, and a stable closed loop has not yet been formed. In addition, the expenditure cost borne by advertisers and the live answering platform is high, and users need to pay hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan for each game in exchange for traffic. In addition, some costs need to be used for the production of program content and the presenter's appearance fee. In general, the marginal cost of a single session is high, so many people call this the "money burning" operation mode. However, the operation mode of live answering also has its own characteristics and advantages. For example, the highly focused attention of users in answering questions, as well as the flexibility and extensibility of the content of advertising placement questions, will create more opportunities for the commercial realization of the live platform. At the same time, the peripheral services derived from live answering questions are also gradually coming into people's view. In order to have a greater chance of winning the bonus, many users choose to use third-party means, such as purchasing revival cards to increase revival opportunities, or buying and selling question banks. Due to the improvement of intelligent technology, many technology companies have even developed plug-in software that can directly and automatically identify questions and give answers. On the one hand, these means can improve user engagement and experience, on the other hand, they also affect the fairness of knowledge quiz, which has attracted many people's doubts.

Cross border e-commerce iResearch: How far can the live answering mode of "carrying forward" go?

The stability of user traffic and capital injection is worrying, and potential opportunities are waiting to be discovered

In the future, the consumption of funds caused by millions of bonuses, the problems caused by plug-ins, the unfair questions about competitive answers, and the highly similar operation mode and content will become the challenges that the live answering platform will face and overcome. Whether the high bonus cost will lead to the interruption of the capital chain, how long the popularity of live answering will last, and when the enthusiasm of users will be consumed are all the huge problems on the development path of live answering mode. But behind this series of challenges, there are also potential opportunities waiting for players to explore. First of all, while eliminating extras and ensuring fairness, the platform can develop more fresh play methods to enhance user stickiness and attract new traffic resources, such as combining with current events and hot spots to create special shows to ensure fresh gags. Secondly, we can also make more innovations in marketing means, flexibly use the topic content to implant advertisements, and maximize the use of platform traffic to obtain advertising revenue. In the longer term, the payment platform and channel used by users to draw bonuses, as well as the access to user account information, can even help the platform participate in the layout of the huge mobile payment industry chain. For the popular live answering platform, the future is full of opportunities and risksmarketRapid changes, while ensuring the stability of user traffic and capital injection, will become the key to determine whether the live answering mode can continue to develop.

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