IResearch: Medical Beauty's Customer Acquisition and Transformation under Consumer Diversification


Author:Gao Xuezhen
Source: iResearch

Introduction:IResearch predicts that the size of China's medical beauty market will reach 173.9 billion yuan in 2019, slowing down to 20.1%. From 2013 to 2017, the medical and aesthetic industry was in a stage of rapid development, with a large number of institutions emerging to meet consumer demand. In 2015, the number and demand of consumers were further increased due to the influence of social media online celebrity culture.

The growth rate of medical beauty market slows down, and institutions and users are mismatched

IResearch predicts that the size of China's medical beauty market will reach 173.9 billion yuan in 2019, slowing down to 20.1%. From 2013 to 2017, the medical and aesthetic industry was in a stage of rapid development, with a large number of institutions emerging to meet consumer demand. In 2015, the number and demand of consumers were further increased due to the influence of social media online celebrity culture. 2018 is the turning point of the industry, and a large number of small and medium-sized institutions are facing difficulties in making profits. The market shows a mismatch between supply and demand (the mismatch between consumers and employees in project, communication, service and other links). On the one hand, the number of new consumers declined, and it was difficult for consumers with strong demand to find suitable institutions and doctors; On the other hand, a large number of small and medium-sized institutions are short of new customers and old customers due to the lack of medical and operational talents; Therefore, the growth rate of the market has slowed down. It is predicted that after 2-4 years of institutional self adjustment and reform, as well as the improvement of the consumption demand and ability of the younger generation, the market will gradually recover.

Abroad iResearch: medical beauty customers and transformation under consumer diversification

The key breakthrough point is customer acquisition and transformation in the short term

Medical and aesthetic vertical platforms are popular:The marketing methods of medical and aesthetic institutions in China are mainly traditional media, outdoor, search engine and channel referral, accounting for 60-90% of the marketing spending. However, the ROI of the traditional marketing model has declined year by year due to the environmental impact of consumers, diversification of information channels and fierce competition among medical and aesthetic institutions. Therefore, many institutions began to explore new customer acquisition marketing models, among which the medical beauty app won with high ROI. In addition to medical beauty APP, institutions are also testing waterWe media, information flow, cross industry cooperation, etc. However, accurate and multi-channel investment requires a high reserve of institutional talents, and many institutions are powerless. Therefore, some medical and aesthetic vertical platforms are also committed to developing marketing tools, so as to select the most effective marketing methods for institutions and provide the most suitable institutions for consumers.

Cross border e-commerce logistics iResearch: medical beauty customer acquisition and transformation under consumer diversification

Nurses and online platforms will assume the functions of consultants:The transformation to the store is an important indicator to measure the operation of the organization. Under the traditional mode, most consultants undertake sales transformation work and guide customers to choose medical beauty projects. However, most consultants are good at communicating with consumers of a certain age group, and it is difficult to gain insight into the consumption psychology of multiple age groups. The generation gap among them reduces the consumption transformation. Therefore, the direction of communication between institutions and consumers is to have multiple people, reduce the sense of marketing, improve medical professionalism and enhance the ability of dialogue. Among them, the medical profession can be undertaken by nurses, while the improvement of multi person, multi faceted and dialogue ability will be undertaken by online platforms/customer management systems and other operational tools, such as Yuemei's medical beauty vertical APP.

Yuemei focuses on small and medium-sized medical and aesthetic institutions, enabling refined operation and customer acquisition

Enterprise development history:The development of Yuemei has been accompanied by the growth of medical beauty consumers, which has mainly gone through three stages of development.

The first stage, 2012-2014, is to build the ability to obtain customers through online marketing: Yuemei Online was the earliest medical beauty vertical platform in 2012, which belongs to Beijing Weikang Hengmei Information Technology Co., Ltd., was founded by a senior medical beauty user Xiang Xiaoqin, and launched an app with the same name in 2014 to create medical beautyO2OE-commerce+community model. Yuemei is committed to providing online consulting, booking services and other e-commerce products for medical beauty consumers; And service evaluation, science popularization, interactive community and other content products. At the same time, it also provides precision marketing services for medical and aesthetic institutions.

The second stage, 2016-2018, is to build online and offline collaboration capabilities: Yuemei began to explore the enabling path of doctors and offline institutions in 2015. At first, it was the model of doctor broker. Through the creation of special pages, personal home pages, online projectsUGC, user diary posts and a series of promotional content to improve doctors' market awareness, and provide online doctor assistant services for in-depth transformation. In 2016, Yuemei built its own offline outpatient department Yuemei Hospital, which is the only platform for self built offline outpatient department level institutions in China. In 2018, Yuemei comprehensively optimized its platform operation, improved its traffic efficiency, delivery efficiency and personnel efficiency, and committed to providing consumers and institutions with high-quality content.

In the third stage, from 2018 to now, enable doctors and institutions. In 2019, the platform will build a business operation data support system, and rely on offline accumulation to promote the enabling strategy for medical and aesthetic institutions to help improve the GMV of institutions.

Enable offline mechanism:Yuemei Network improves the operation capability and GMV of the institution by providing brand marketing, operation service/diagnosis, hospital management and other products to the institution.

-Brand marketing: throughbig dataAnalysis, accurate positioning and packaging of institutions, products and doctors.

-Operation service/diagnosis: In combination with Yuemei's operation tools, optimize traffic distribution, provide on-site/network consulting and operation services, and provide diagnostic services on operation data to improve store rate, conversion rate, payment rate and other indicators.

-Hospital management: provide medical quality, customer service, emergency response service, complaint management and other services to improve the operational efficiency of the institution.

In order to realize the mission of the enabling agency, Yuemei first applied big data tools to the offline Yuemei Clinic, so as to implement practical solutions. Taking Yuemeihao Medical Clinic as an example, the platform has improved the customer acquisition ability and operational efficiency of the organization from multiple aspects, such as organization positioning, product positioning, differentiated solutions, and efficient customer acquisition.

-Institutional positioning: Yuemei Hospital Outpatient Department is targeted at middle and high-end people, covering an area of 1500 square meters. It has set up five departments, including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry and anesthesia. In addition to full-time doctors, Yuemei shared doctors have 10-20 doctors for surgery projects, and most of them are chief doctors from top three hospitals such as Peking Union Medical College.

-Product positioning: Guided by customer needs, through strict selection of high-quality doctors, a unique advantage project represented by fat and eye repair is formed.

-Differentiated solutions: The platform provides mature product positioning and doctor brand building solutions for offline institutions to solve the problems of homogenization of medical beauty market services and customer loss.

-Efficient customer acquisition: Yuemei Medical has more flexible and efficient online customer acquisition capability thanks to the support of the Group for its marketing plan formulation and decision-making.

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