Afternoon News | Tmall Supermarket apologizes for the rat discovery of mineral water; QQ has supported direct jump to Taobao and Tiktok


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Introduction:Tmall Supermarket apologizes for the occurrence of mice in mineral water; QQ has supported direct jump to Taobao and Tiktok

TmallSupermarket apologizes for the occurrence of mice in mineral water

On September 16, Tmall Supermarket responded that a special team had been set up to contact the consumers, and rushed to the consumers' homes to apologize in person, and the consumers' understanding had been obtained. The problem goods have been brought back for further investigation, and a comprehensive investigation on the link between warehousing and transportation has been started with a third-party national level professional prevention and control organization to locate the cause.

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External chain shielding is gradually removed: QQ can be opened directlyTaoBaoTiktok link

Through QQ, you can directly open the links between Taobao and Tiktok. You no longer need to copy and open the APP through the password, but WeChat has not yet removed the "external chain shielding".  

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tencentThe game released a notice on the restrictions for minors to play games during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday

Tencent Games released an announcement today that during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, online games operated by Tencent Games in Chinese Mainland will continue to be restricted to minors. The details are as follows: minors can log in to the game between 20:00 and 21:00 every day on September 17 (Friday), September 19 and September 21 (Mid Autumn Festival holiday), and they will not be able to enter the game experience on September 18 (Saturday, working day).

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It is reported that BOE has received an iPhone 13 OLED risk order

BOE obtainedAppleConditionally approved, it is expected to supply iPhone 13 series OLED panel. It is reported that BOE is currently producing iPhone 13 OLED panel for B11 production line in Sichuan.

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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: resolutely resist the trend of "delaying reform" and other pan entertainment phenomena

On September 17, it was reported that the State Administration of Radio and Television (SARFT) held a meeting in Beijing on September 16 to request that the regulations on the management of TV drama film remuneration be strictly implemented, and that the sky high price of film remuneration, "yin-yang contracts" and tax evasion be resolutely resisted; We will strengthen positive guidance in the creation and production of TV dramas, and resolutely resist such pan entertainment phenomena as traffic first, chaos in the "food circle", and the wind of "delaying change".

At the symposium held on the same day to implement the comprehensive governance plan in the cultural and entertainment field and promote the high-quality development of TV drama, Zhu Yonglei, the deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, pointed out that we should adhere to the problem orientation, adhere to the prevention of minor problems, and resolutely resist the infiltration and erosion of undesirable phenomena in the cultural and entertainment field; Adhere to the realistic creation concept and resolutely resist the deformed aesthetics; Standardize the order of TV drama market, and resolutely resist making profits from bad capital; Strengthen the management of employees, strengthen industry self-discipline, establish a good atmosphere of advocating morality and art, and resolutely resist illegal and immoral artists.

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