Afternoon News | Power rationing has no impact on iPhone 13; The Tiktok function is used to remind the public that the volume is too high


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Introduction:Power limitation has no effect on iPhone 13; The Tiktok online and external voice over volume warning function

5G news or national trial commercial use in mid to late October

At the 5G News High Level Forum of China International Information and Communication Exhibition,OperatorRelevant people said that 5G news may be commercially available nationwide in the middle and late October of this year.

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Hungry? Elderly model officially launched

Elema App is officially launched as an elder model that is more friendly to the elderly. Data shows that since the outbreak of the epidemic, a large number of elderly people have become accustomed to using the takeout platform to order meals. Take breakfast as an example. According to the data of "hungry rice", the order volume of people over 51 years old will increase by 125% in 2020.

The biggest pain point for the elderly when using mobile phones is that the font display is too small. In the past, they used to magnify the font through mobile phone system settings, but it will not match the app, affecting the use experience. The elder model after the aging transformation has been simplified and redesigned according to the font requirements.

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Power limitation has no effect on iPhone 13

Recently, some suppliers and Tesla were forced to stop production for several days due to power limitation. The customer service said that there was no impact on the delivery time of the iPhone at present, so you can buy it with confidence. At present, several stores in Shanghai, as well as those in Suzhou and Wuxi around are out of stock. The order was placed on September 29 and delivered on November 4 at the earliest. At the moment, the iPhone 13 series is at the peak of shipment, but many supply chain factories have stopped production due to "power rationing".

It is understood that,companyXinxing Electronics, a printed circuit board manufacturer of, and Yisheng Precision, a major mechanical parts supplier to Tesla, both said on September 26 that in response to the regional policy of stopping industrial power consumption, they expected to stop work for 4.5 working days. However, Xinxing Electronics said that it would coordinate the production of other factories in the group to meet the customer's shipping needs. It is estimated that the shutdown will last for 4.5 working days without significant impact.

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The Tiktok function is used to remind the public that the volume is too high

It is reported that the Tiktok function is used to remind the user of excessive volume. Users inmoveExternal Tiktok in data or hot environmentvideoWhen the volume is too high, the "current volume is too high" reminder will be triggered, and the user can quickly reduce the volume through the "Decrease Volume" button.

On December 23, 2020, the railway department launched silent carriage service, which has been piloted in some trains such as Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway and Chengdu Chongqing High Speed Railway. In the silent compartment, if the passengers answer and make calls loudly, open their mobile phones, and repeatedly dissuade them, they may be included in the credit management of the railway passenger transport field.

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Universal Beijing Resort implements passenger flow control during National Day

During the "National Day" holiday, for the sake of safety and epidemic prevention and control, the Universal Beijing Resort will conduct passenger flow control from October 1 to 7, and only tourists who hold tickets of Universal Studios Cinema, Universal City Avenue cinema tickets or valid hotel room reservation certificates on that day are allowed to enter the Universal Beijing City Avenue.

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