Afternoon News | Shentong responded to the employee's suggestion that the customer send Shunfeng; Tencent renovates scanning code and ordering food, and compels to pay attention to official account


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Introduction:Shentong responded to the employee's suggestion that the customer send Shunfeng; Tencent renovates scanning code and ordering food, and compels to pay attention to official account

Shentong responded to the employee's suggestion that the customer sendShunfeng

On December 19, in response to the event that "Shentong Express made violent sorting at the first station, and Shentong suggested that customers send Shunfeng", Shentong said that it would thoroughly rectify the illegal outlets in the northeast region of Shentong. The special team established by him has arrived at the outlet on December 16 to investigate and verify and interview the person in charge of the contracting area. The involved contracting area will be punished according to relevant regulations, and the cooperation of some third party employees who speak inappropriately has been terminated.

: - 0 asking is the fault of a third party.

Wei LaiLi BinI don't understand why I bought an oil car

On December 18, in the communication link after the NIODay conference, Ulai founder Li Bin said that he did not understand why people still buy gasoline cars. He could not think of anything good about gasoline cars except smelling gasoline. At present, it is basically gasoline car users who are worried about electric cars that they are worried about.

:-0 consumerHave the option.

The tea looks happy and responds to the milk tea by drinking a whole piece of paper towel

On December 19, in Changsha, Hunan Province, Ms. Wu said that she was surprised to drink paper towels in the tea color milk tea. In response, the store staff said that after checking the whole process monitoring, there was no problem in the whole production process, and the cups were all upside down. In a responsible attitude, they were negotiating with customers to solve the problem.

: - 0 Tea color has been in constant trouble recently.

tencentRectification of scanning code and ordering food, mandatory attention to official account

On December 19, it was reported that Tencent had recently sent a notice to developers on self inspection of "scanning code and ordering food to force attention to official account". The notice requires that the platform remind developers to check whether there is a problem of "scanning code and ordering mandatory official account", and make timely rectification to provide users with a good ordering experience. Tencent also said that the platform will start to check such issues on January 17, 2022, and the illegal official account will be restricted from the ability to open the official account with QR code.

The notice pointed out that the behavior of scanning the code to order food first followed the official account interrupted the user's normal ordering experience, which was suspected of inducing attention to the official account and causing related complaints. In April this year, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has repeatedly called for "restaurants should not collect or as little as possible consumer information". At the same time, the restaurant should provide manual ordering options. A few days ago, the China Consumer Association said that "scanning the code to order food" should not be a "single choice question", and we should be wary of "convenient consumption" becoming "consumption annoyance".

: - 0 You really shouldn't force attention.

P&G responded to the recall of products containing carcinogens: not involving the Chinese market

P&G China issued a statement on P&G's recall of some dry hair spray products in North America. The statement said that this recall only involved some dry hair spray products in North America, not shampoo and hair care products, nor the Chinese market. The relevant products are all produced in the United States and not imported into China. P&G said that all products sold in the Chinese market comply with relevant national regulations and standards.

: - 0 Safety is the top priority.

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