Afternoon News | "Zhang classmate" refused 20 million signing fee! No goods temporarily; The number of new products in the 2022 Apple Autumn Launch Conference may reach a new high


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Introduction:"Zhang" began to broadcast live. However, it is unexpected that "Zhang" did not bring the goods immediately, but responded to some recent queries in the live broadcast.

The first live show of "classmate Zhang": no goods for the time being, refused 20 million signing fee

"Zhang" began to broadcast live. However, it is unexpected that "Zhang" did not bring the goods immediately, but responded to some recent queries in the live broadcast. Previously, some people questioned that his signing fee was as high as 5 million yuan. He said that there were more than 5 million yuan, and even 10 million yuan or 20 million yuan. Later, topics such as "Zhang's first live broadcast", "Zhang's refusal to pay a contract fee of 20 million yuan", "Zhang said he would not bring goods" and so on appeared in Tiktokmicro-blogAnd other platforms, causing hot discussion among netizens.

: - 0 Quite calm.

two thousand and twenty-twoAppleThe number of new products in the autumn press conference reached a new high

After entering 2022, Apple began to prepare for this year's product and software release activities. As the first spring press conference approaches, the new iPhone SE and iPad will be unveiled soon. At the same time, the company is also preparing to hold another two press conferences this summer and autumn. The former mainly releases software, and is expected to launch the most hardware products in the company's history in the autumn.

: - 0 Spend money again.

AR/VR Enterprise Creation in 2021financingUS $3.9 billion, a record, and the universe became the driving force

In terms of venture capital's interest in VR/AR, the fourth quarter of last year was different from any other quarter. According to data from Crunchbase, an enterprise service database company, nearly $1.9 billion of venture capital has flowed into start-ups in the AR/VR software and hardware field, more than in any previous quarter. The data also shows that the fourth quarterrisk investmentGrowth helped make 2021 the second highest year for VR/AR investment, with nearly 3.9 billion dollars of venture capital entering start-ups, second only to 2018.

: - 0 Yuan universe enclosure.

Little Red Book responded to the issue of missing 300000 series of minor information subject to administrative punishment

In response to a fine of 300,000 yuan for failing to handle bad information in time, Xiaohongshu said on the 23rd that the punishment was due to the omission of minor information audit mentioned by CCTV in December. Little Red Book will continue to improve its ability to identify bad information and improve its platform governance capability. Users can report bad information through the platform reporting channel, and Xiaohongshu Platform will focus on handling such reports. According to Tianyan's App search, recently Xingyin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Xiaohongshu, was fined 300000 yuan by Shanghai Huangpu District Culture and Tourism Bureau for violating the Juvenile Protection Law. The specific punishment was that the Internet service provider found that users released and disseminated information containing content harmful to the physical and mental health of minors, did not immediately stop transmitting relevant information, and took measures such as deleting, shielding, and disconnecting links.

: - 0 The audit should be strengthened.

Large scale application of Yuanuniverse trademark is facing "persuasion" from the State Intellectual Property Office

Metauniverse is undoubtedly one of the most concerned scientific and technological concepts in 2021. In 2022, topics related to the meta universe continue to ferment, and the concept is still popular in the market. People from the State Intellectual Property Office said that the meta universe is a new technology and cannot be monopolized by individuals as a trademark, otherwise it is easy to be mistaken. The data shows that since June 2021, a total of 1510 subjects (178 natural persons, 1332 companies) have applied for the meta universe trademark, with a total of 9965 trademarks. The reporter found on China Trademark Website that no company has successfully registered the relevant trademark of "Metauniverse".

: - 0 The universe has the highest continuous heat.

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