Afternoon News | The per capita krypton gold of Chinese mobile game players is 344 yuan; Hammer Digital Technology withdraws all bankruptcy applications


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Introduction:The per capita krypton gold of Chinese mobile game players is 344 yuan; Hammer Digital Technology withdraws all bankruptcy applications

ChinaMobile GamesThe average krypton gold per player is 344 yuan

The Report on China's Game Industry in 2021 released by the Game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association and China Game Industry Research Institute shows that in 2021China MobileThe actual sales revenue of the game market was 225.538 billion yuan, up 7.57% year on year. The number of mobile game users reached 656 million, up 0.23% year on year. According to the above data, the per capita user expenditure of mobile games in 2021 is 344 yuan.

According to Statista data, it is estimated that in 2021, the number of players will be 156 million, and the per capita expenditure will be 137 dollars, more than twice the number of Chinese mobile game users.

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Canon Nikon China shuts down its factory and makes layoffs, and Canon employees get 1.5 million compensation after 30 years of work

Recently, a Notice on the Preferential Treatment Scheme for Cancelling the Labor Contract by consensus signed by Canon Zhuhai Co., Ltd. was circulated on the Internet. The compensation plan given in the announcement includes five major parts: economic compensation, special consolation, employment support, feeling and remembering bonus, and Spring Festival consolation, which are evaluated as "conscientious enterprises" by many netizens. "The plan given in the announcement is a standard, and the situation of each employee is different. At present, we are negotiating with each employee."

On January 20, Canon China's relevant personnel confirmed the authenticity of the above compensation plan to reporters. The next day, Li Qing (a pseudonym), a former Canon employee in Zhuhai who just received compensation, told the Times that before the closure of the factory, his monthly salary was between 7000 yuan and 10000 yuan. Now he has received about 250000 yuan of compensation. One of his colleagues has worked here for 30 years and finally received more than 1.5 million yuan of compensation.

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Make a friend to respond to Hammer Digital Technology's withdrawal of all bankruptcy applications, and both parties have reached a settlement

Some media reported that the bankruptcy application of Hammer Digital Technology has been withdrawn, so make a friend to the live broadcast roommicro-blogThe response said: "This is the debt and case generated during Hammer Technology's mobile phone business. Both parties have reached a settlement, and the creditor's application for bankruptcy liquidation has been withdrawn.

At present, Mr. Luo is still working hard and repaying the remaining debts for the company as planned. It still needs a little time. Thank you for your attention. "

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Yu Minhong Responds to the New Oriental Church Overseas Chinese

On January 23, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, said on social media: "New Oriental has trained thousands of Chinese students to study abroad in the past few decades. Now many of their parents used to be New Oriental students. For our overseas Chinese families, our biggest concern is that when children grow up in the middle of the local culture, they forget their mother tongue and the culture of their motherland. I believe that New Oriental should shoulder the unshirkable responsibility of teaching Chinese and The spread of Chinese culture makes our children know more about China. "

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WeChatThe red envelope cover supports fission distribution, and the same cover can be used when robbing the red envelope

The 2022 Spring Festival is coming. Today, the official official account of WeChat, "WeChat faction", published an article detailing the new function of "fission distribution" on the red envelope cover. The makers of red envelope covers can set the number of red envelope issued and fission issued in the background. After a user issues the red envelope, the user who receives the red envelope can click the "Receive the same amount" button to directly obtain the red envelope cover of the same amount.

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