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Overseas Independent Station Observer Incubation Camp

Hugo Cross border&Google OfficialJointly builtIndependent Station Observer Incubation CampHot activity coming~

The trend of Amazon account suspension is becoming increasingly fierce, and more and more cross-border e-commerce sellers are transforming their layout into independent websites. If you have unique insights into independent websites and want to share their operational experience, export cross-border productsContent, gaining more exposure opportunities,Becoming a bull in the cross-border industry. Welcome you, who have a full supply of dry goods, to sign up and join us, sharing experiences and insights with cross-border practitioners, and empowering the development of the cross-border industry.

Join the incubation camp and you will also receiveCreative Teaching GuidanceAnd have the opportunityCommunicate and interact with high-quality creatorsThe exposure of large amounts of traffic helps to create personal IPs, link more resources, quickly monetize, and increase additional profits.

Activity time:

Community incubation time: August 14th to August 28th

Google Study Tour Time: September 10th

Participation method:

Click on the link to register:

Event rewards:

1. Write answers or articles, output personal opinions, and high-quality individuals can receive free Google study tours

2. Join the incubation camp, receive creative teaching guidance, and have the opportunity to communicate and interact with high-quality creators

3. Priority participation in online and offline activities, comprehensive traffic exposure, and assistance in creating personal IP

4. Official support for growth, providing more monetization opportunities, and increasing additional profits


Q: What is Hugo Observer?

A: KOL in the cross-border industry, Hugo Observer is the most unique presence in Hugo's cross-border industry. Through articles, videos, materials, Q&A, services, online and offline activities, professional content is output to create personal IPs and empower the cross-border industry.

Q: What content can observers share?

A: Cross border basic knowledge, industry hot topics, operational experience, advertising placement skills These are all content forms that Hugo users enjoy!

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Hugo observer?

A: Hugo's cross-border traffic exposure! Vertical and accurate traffic allows users to browse your articles while also wanting to understand, interact with, and interact with you. Hugo observers will also receive a series of platform benefits such as official certification, brand exposure, live streaming guests, event partners, and shared user resources from Hugo. Priority will be given to participating in online and offline activities, and more high-quality resources will be linked! At the same time, we will also provide you with opportunities to monetize, increase your additional income, and help you become a star in the cross-border industry.

Q: What is an observer incubation camp? What is the main focus? What will you get?

A: The Observer Incubation Camp, also known as the "Hugo Creator Incubation Camp", is dedicated to launching an incubation program for users who have their own insights into independent platform platforms and are willing to create content. We hope that through the incubation camp, every creator can quickly grow and become a KOL in the cross-border industry.

Q: Is the threshold for registering for an incubation camp high?

A: Registration for participation is not limited to identity, whether you are a seller, service provider, advertising pitcher, operator, or other identity attributes. As long as your content can help users, we welcome it! Regardless of whether you have previously exported cross-border content, as long as you have the desire to express and the willingness to create content, you can sign up to participate! We will provide regular training and guidance, and also invite some high-quality observers to share their experiences, providing you with the greatest help and helping you grow,

Q: How do I get the opportunity to study Google for free?

A: We will use a question and answer format for screening, with a time period of 2 weeks. We will post 5 questions per week and carefully select the questions that users are most concerned about. We hope you can help users answer their questions. We will evaluate based on the following dimensions:

1. Number of questions to answer

2. User feedback, likes and comments on content

The final ranking is based on the former, with free study tours to Google, full package food, accommodation, and air tickets, as well as official training and face-to-face communication with big shots.

Action is better than heart pounding, sign up and join now!

(Source: Official account of Hugo Observer)

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